Where Can I Find Vegetarian Cooking Ingredients?

You may have just become a vegetarian or you may have been living the lifestyle for some time. Either way, you will be interested to know where to find the best ingredients to use in your meatless meals. A typical trip to the grocery store may not lend itself to the better and more delicious options. In fact, you may have stumbled upon this article because you are frustrated with the options available to you at the grocery store. Cooking varied, delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals is easier when you have the right ingredients to start
with. The good news is that those ingredients are not difficult to find. Take a look through the following hints and then take a stroll to your market and begin to experiment with the great possibilities hidden in vegetarian cooking ingredients.

Special Sections
If you take a quick walk through the grocery store, you will almost definitely miss the most interesting options they have available to you. Specialty sections are usually located somewhere near the back of the store, tucked away in a corner. Look for snacks like veggie chips. They are made with multiple colorful and flavorful vegetables instead of corn or potatoes. Also check out the various grain flours for making your own whole grain breads. Specialty sections will also offer various ethnic options. Several cultures around the world feature vegetarian cuisine and your grocery store can pass it on to you. To find specialty foods, you will have to look a little harder and pay a little more, but they are well worth the time, effort and investment.

Look Closely
Not only are specialty sections great places to look for vegetarian items, the regularly stocked shelves will also contain some gems for your next meal. Check the labels to be sure they are not made with animal fat or stocks and enjoy. Look for sauces that will compliment your tofu dish. Look for spices that you haven't tried before. There are several that may not naturally catch your attention, but will greatly increase your repertoire of cooking. Most spice containers will offer some hints and one or two recipes to try on their labels. If the recipe includes meat, just substitute as you normally would. Don't forget your produce section. Organic and more exotic fruits and vegetables will be stocked separately from the more common produce items, but if you live in a decently sized community, you'll definitely stumble onto something fun.

Specialty Shops
Specialty shops are usually labeled based on the culture that has started them. Indian specialty shops are a great place to find everything from ingredients to frozen dinners, ready to eat. You may also be able to find specialty shops dedicated to natural and organic foods. These markets will feature a much larger variety of vegetarian food options than even your regular grocery store.

Finally, you have the option of buying from your favorite vegetarian restaurant. You will of course be able to get carry out. If you want to cook your own meals though, ask for the availability of certain ingredients. Even if you can get pita bread at the grocery store, you can probably get better pita bread from the vegetarian restaurant. Whatever you especially appreciate about the eatery, ask if it's available for purchase.

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