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  • Nursing your baby can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. While your body produced everything your baby needed before he was born, everything happened where you couldn't see. After your baby is born, your body still is prepared to take care of him.
  • A common misconception about a vegetarian diet is that it simply cuts out the essential proteins found in meat. That is hardly the whole story. It is common knowledge that vegetarians do not eat meat, but that does not mean that they don't eat protein. While it can be more difficult for the untrained vegetarian to maintain a healthy balance of nutrition, it is not impossible
  • Pregnancy is a time that any woman will want to eat healthier than any other time in her life. It is a miracle that another human life can be contained inside your own. That miracle is partially possible because your baby will share everything that you eat or drink. If you eat nutritious foods that stimulate growth and development,
  • Eating balanced meals is a struggle whether you are under diet restrictions or not. The problem is that our bodies crave simple carbohydrates more that complex ones. We get used to eating fatty food instead of more nutritious options. That right there is the key. Whatever you are used to is what you will want to eat.
  • You may have just become a vegetarian or you may have been living the lifestyle for some time. Either way, you will be interested to know where to find the best ingredients to use in your meatless meals. A typical trip to the grocery store may not lend itself to the better and more delicious options.
  • If you yourself are a vegetarian for any reason, it is only natural that you would have questions about extending your eating choices to your children. Kids are picky eaters. I've never met one that would eat anything given to them, with no questions asked. Vegetables are particularly difficult to get into little mouths.
  • If you are not yourself a vegetarian, cooking for a vegetarian can be intimidating. How will you choose a meal to prepare? Especially if you typically eat meat main dishes, going meatless may be uncertain territory.
  • Vegetarian eating can be filled with great decisions for every age. The options available to vegetarian eaters are nearly limitless, until the limits approach meat and some animal products. The health benefits are a great reason to choose a diet filled with plant products.
  • If you are new to eating vegetarian, you have just joined a great community. If you need some ideas and support in filling out your diet, help is not far away. Because vegetarians make up a small portion of the general population, they stick close together.
  • People become vegetarians for several reasons. Some are convicted morally. They would simply rather not cause animal death for their own nutrient consumption. Since there are other options besides meat, they feel that the choice is one of simple right and wrong.

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