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What Can Shiatsu Help Me With?



Shiatsu is a type of pain relief that evolved from Oriental Therapy and has been around for an estimated 5000 years. Shiatsu is a healing art which makes use of assisted stretching techniques along with pressure and, it is comparable to other types of holistic therapies such as:

  • acupressure,
  • osteopathy,
  • massage,
  • physiotherapy,
  • do-In,
  • lymphatic drainage, etc.

Shiatsu is a kind of healing treatment which is effective at stimulating lymphatic fluid flow along with the circulation of blood.  The practice of shiatsu is also effective at releasing the toxins, and tensions from the muscles.  It also is good for stimulating our hormone system, as well as our Immune system. Shiatsu goes to work on the autonomic nervous system, and makes it possible for the patient to relax as deeply as possible in order to facilitate the healing process.

Shiatsu has been used to treat a number of health problems including:

  • anxiety,
  • back pain,
  • headaches,
  • insomnia,
  • constipation,
  • skin problems and many others.

The best thing shiatsu does is, decreasing and relieving our stress levels, as well as relaxing the nervous system, and encouraging the circulatory systems, and immune system, to work at their optimum best. Any stress related disorder can be helped with the practice of shiatsu.

Shiatsu is also beneficial in stimulating the hormone system, and also works at stimulating the digestive system, and reproductive system. Shiatsu can help free the patient from some, and sometimes all, of the symptoms that accompany many health problems, and is effective at correcting any behavioral imbalances in the body. It is also beneficial when used to correct postural imbalances which have been around for a long period of time, and can be classified as chronic.  Shiatsu can also make it possible for the awareness of the body and mind connection to be greatly improved upon, as well as an improved sense of well-being, and a peace of mind that is as strong and healthy as it can be.

Sometimes, all it will take is one session of shiatsu to get rid of a health problem, but some people prefer to have a number of shiatsu sessions. Shiatsu makes it possible to encourage the energy flow along all the channels of the body. After practicing shiatsu it is highly recommended by alternative health care practitioners, that you consider making some healthy changes to your daily diet, as well as incorporating an exercise program into your life.

You should know that shiatsu causes a tremendous relaxation response in the body, and through that it elicits a healing reaction to kick into gear. It is common to experience symptoms after practicing shiatsu such as the feeling that you are coming down with a head cold, or the flu accompanied by aches and pains, and maybe headaches. This may not be comfortable, but it is very normal, and it is the bodies way of ridding itself of toxins, so should not be alarmed if you develop any of these symptoms. The symptoms should be gone in a day or so, and the more shiatsu treatments you have the fewer symptoms you will experience.
How to Use Shiatsu to Relieve Anxiety

Anxiety is a stress related disorder, that is known to affect a large part of the population. The practice of shiatsu has been shown to be very beneficial in relieving anxiety.

Today's Holistic Tip for Pain

Relief Treatment

For headaches in general look to spearmint or peppermint whereas for migraine headaches in general turn to linden, skullcap or feverfew for help. If it is joint pain that is causing you problems then sea cucumber and ginger are what you need to help you through the rough spots. Meditation is an ancient art that has been practiced for centuries and it is a conscious method of uncluttering everything that is in the mind and helping to rid the brain of stressful thoughts and anxiety that might either directly or directly be causing pain. There are many different methods of meditation but in general meditation is broken down into three distinct categories, which include concentrative, transcendental and mindful meditation. Holistic Approaches to Female Problems When it comes to female related problems there are a variety of holistic and alternative approaches that work very well. relief treatment

Let's take a look at the steps that shiatsu uses to get rid of anxiety.

The First Step

The third eye point can be found in the center of the forehead, located slightly above the eyebrows. Feel for a tiny indentation located in the bone in the forehead region. This is very important to know for the first step of shiatsu. Now take your finger and press firmly but not too hard on the spot that is slightly above the third eye point. Do this by placing your index finger on the third eye point, and then place your middle finger over top of the index finger, then press down three to five times for a period of five to seven seconds.

The Second Step

Take your left arm and carefully bend it in order to find where the elbow crease is and then unbend it properly. The point in question can be found at the lower end of the crease of the arm which is to be found in the direction of the fingers and it is opposite the side of the hand where the thumb is to be found and it is on the inside of the center of the arm. Take your left arm and bend it and then hold it for a period of 30 seconds and then gradually release it and then do the same with the right arm. This step is particularly good for getting rid of heart palpitations or decreasing the incidence of them as heart palpitations are very likely to be a part of acute anxiety and anxiety attacks.

The Third Step

There are more points that are effective in the practice of shiatsu and are beneficial in ridding an individual of anxiety, insomnia, and worry, and will help to balance out the mind and body connection.  One suggestion is to use three fingers and with pressure that is medium to firm press where the head has a midline, which is approximately the middle of the top of your head (imagine your hair being parted down the middle of your scalp). Start at the hairline in the front and work to the top of your head and then go all the way back down the hairline to the back of the head. After each press of the fingers move in the proper direction approximately 1/2 an inch. At each spot that you press halt for five seconds and then repeat the sequence once and then twice.

Take your thumb and press it into the indentation located at the back of your neck. In other words look to the middle section of the base of your skull. Press as firmly as you can for a period of five to seven seconds and then repeat it again. Use three-finger pressure to press in the spot at the top portion of your shoulder, which is 1/2 inch to the back of the shoulder. Press as firmly as possible without hurting yourself and then repeat this action two times.


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