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Using Aromatherapy For Pain Relief

People try many different things in order to relieve themselves of pain. While many people use pharmaceutical drugs in order to help them to deal with the pain that they experience, others choose to opt for different methodologies which may have a lower occurrence of side effects or a drastically different approach than that of modern medicine.

In this article, well work towards explaining one of these alternative types of pain relief therapy. Its known as Aromatherapy, and it is gaining more and more recognition around the world as a legitimate type of treatment. Well go over some of the basics of aromatherapy and then go into a little detail about how it can be useful for treating problems that you may be experiencing with pain.

Aromatherapy works under the idea that the sense of smell helps to send signals to the brain. When we smell something, our body sends signals to the limbic region of the brain. The limbic region controls many of the basic bodily functions, and when we smell certain things, it will trigger the limbic region to release certain hormones. In that way, aromatherapy hopes to achieve help to the health of an individual by having them smell certain essential oils.

Different oils merit different benefits, and practitioners of the therapy state that it can be useful for treating many ailments, including stress, anxiety, digestive disorders and feelings of pain. As a side benefit, aromatherapy has also been shown to be useful when it comes to stimulating the immune system and helping to restore the bodys blood circulation. Practitioners of the therapy also state that it can lower blood pressure, help with bouts of insomnia, and even help to remedy mild depression.

With respects to pain relief, some of the most commonly used types of oils in aromatherapy are lavender and lemongrass oil. These two agents help the body to decrease the amount of pain by numbing the nerve endings that are located throughout the body that the brain sends pain signals to.   

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Relief Treatment

Varicose veins are also sometimes referred to as "varicosity." It is common for hormonal fluctuations that take place during pregnancy or hormonal changes that occur as a result of menopause. This may explain why varicose veins occur more readily in women than they do in men. Deficiencies in the diet a person consumes on a regular basis as well as the loss of elasticity in the skin which are linked to aging are believed to also be contributing factors when it comes to the development of varicose veins. There are factors that can greatly increase the chance that a person will develop varicose veins over time and these include constipation, clothing that is constrictive, prolonged sitting or standing, obesity, constant heavy lifting, and a lack of adequate physical activity. relief treatment

Individuals that are suffering from problems such as osteo-arthritis may benefit from receiving aromatherapy using the herbs chamomile or juniper, as well as tea tree oil. These types of aromatherapy oils work as anti-inflammatories, helping to relieve joint pain and other chronic pain symptoms. Other types of aromatherapy oils such as ginger, lemon, and thyme can be useful for treating pain as they help to promote relaxation as well as increasing circulation and warming the body.

Aromatherapy can be a great type of alternative medicine to subscribe to when you are having minor problems, but if you are experiencing high levels of pain, it could be a sign that your body is trying to tell you that something isnt right.


Take a hike. Walking can actually release muscle tension, as well as help ease back pain, and build bone strength. Not to mention it also makes you feel better.

With that in mind, if you are experiencing severe symptoms of pain, you may want to speak to a doctor before attempting to fix the problem on your own with aromatherapy. That being said, it is a significant type of medicine that more and more people are finding to be useful in their everyday lives, and it is a wonderful addition to your arsenal of illness-fighting knowledge.


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