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Use Garlic To Avoid Future Pain And Suffering

Research is constantly being done on the benefits of vitamins and minerals and garlic has been found to be beneficial to the human body in a number of different ways. Research studies have found nothing but positive results concerning garlic.

Garlic is a natural form of an antibiotic in a general way as opposed to zeroing in on any particular area of the body. Pain relief especially when it comes to the circulatory system such as angina pain for example has been found to be reduced in those who consume garlic on a regular basis.

Interestingly enough the human body does not build up any immunity to garlic which means that the positive health benefits that come from consuming from garlic continue as time advances. It has also been shown by research that garlic, and in particular garlic that is aged, has positive and intense antioxidant qualities which is very good news to garlic lovers everywhere. It is antioxidants that help to protect the body against what is known as free radicals in the human body.

Free radicals are electrons that used to be one half of a pair that have broken away and now freely move throughout the body causing trouble to cells wherever they go. Garlic helps to counteract these effects, as do onions to a slightly lesser extent. Garlic is excellent for supporting the hard work of the immune system.

Garlic also lowers cholesterol, helps to prevent heart disease and fights all sorts of funguses that try to invade the body. There are two ingredients in garlic that are medicinal in nature and have excellent health benefits. The two ingredients are allicin and diallyl sulphides.

Allicin is the most powerful and it provides the greatest of the health benefits for those who consume it. It is important to note that allicin is not found in garlic but is produced when garlic is either crushed or chopped into fine pieces. The finer pieces it is crushed and chopped into, the more allicin will be created and therefore the stronger will be the medicinal benefits.   

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Alternative Relief

The orthopedic disorders acupuncture helps include periarthritis humeroscapularis, tennis elbow, lower back pain, rheumatoid arthritis and sciatica. Acupuncture also improves gastrointestinal disorders as well as neurological disorders. The gastrointestinal disorders it works to improve the painful symptoms of include hiccups, gastroptosis, spasms that take place in the cardia and the esophagus, gastric hyperacidity, acute and chronic gastritis, chronic duodenal ulcer, acute bacterial dysentery, acute as well as chronic colitis, constipation, diarrhea, and paralytic ileus. The neurological disorders it helps include headaches and migraines in particular, facial paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia, peripheral neuropathy, Meniere's syndrome, intercostals neuralgia, nocturnal enuresis, paralysis after an apoplectic fit, neurogenic bladder dysfunction, and paralysis that is caused by the disease poliomyelitis. Acupuncture is one of the oldest and one of the most highly esteemed of all holistic and natural forms of pain relief and medicine. acupuncture pain relief

Allicin is anti-fungal in nature and is commonly used to treat many fungal infections of the skin such as athlete's foot and nail fungus. Diallyl sulphides are lower in their degree of medicinal benefits than allicin but they still do provide some worthwhile benefits. Sulphides of this nature have no anti-fungal properties but they are excellent for blood circulation and help to keep the overall circulatory system working to the best of its ability.

Diallyl sulphides are beneficial to the immune system because they give it a much-needed boast and they also help to lower the LDL bad cholesterol" in the body. There are many ways to incorporate more garlic into your diet. Garlic works well with many meat and vegetables dishes and it can be included in soups, casseroles and stir-fries.


Try some ginkgo biloba, if you are suffering with leg pain.

If you are not to experienced with using garlic in your cooking, then check the public library, your local bookstore or the Internet for some recipes that are simple and easy for you to prepare. If eating garlic is not to your liking because of the odor then look for garlic in tablet or capsule form at your local vitamin store or grocery store.


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