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The Pain That Comes With Cancer

Pain is inevitable at some point when you have cancer. Cancer patients need to know that they have the right to receive pain relief. Pain does not have to be endured it can be relieved. Your doctor can relieve the pain from cancer in many ways.

In order to receive pain relief the cancer patient needs to communicate with the doctor concerning the level of pain and where the pain is felt. The doctor will need to be informed of the intensity of the pain in order to prescribe the correct medication and the correct dosage to bring you relief.

Communication is your best tool for fast pain relief. Building a relationship with your doctor and medical staff will aid you in receiving prompt pain relief. The family of the cancer patient can also be an advocate for pain relief.

The more the family understands about cancer, the more the family is able to assist the patient in dealing with cancer issues like pain. Cancer patients need to understand the various types of pain relievers available for them and what side effects if any they have. It is important to deal with the pain of cancer for many reasons.

The most obvious is so the patient can be the most comfortable possible. The second reason for adequate pain relief is so that the cancer patient can have the best quality of life possible. Some cancer patients are able to continue to work through cancer treatments when their pain is being managed properly.

The most common pain reliever in treating cancer is a narcotic. Understandably the most asked question is, "Will I become addicted to my pain medication?" the answer is that it is a rare occurrence for a cancer patient to become addicted to a narcotic.   

Today's Holistic Tip for Pain

Chinese Holistic

Shiatsu makes it possible to encourage the energy flow along all channels of the body. After practicing shiatsu it is highly recommended by alternative healthcare practitioners that you make some healthy alterations to your daily diet and incorporate as much exercise into your life as possible. Be aware that shiatsu brings on a tremendous relaxation response in the body and through that it elicits a healing reaction to kick into gear. It is common to experience symptoms after practicing shiatsu such as the feeling that you are coming down with the flu or a head cold accompanied by aches and pains as well as headaches. This may not be comfortable but it is very normal and is the body's way of ridding itself of toxins so do not be alarmed if you develop these types of symptoms. relief treatment

The best thing that can happen is that the patient and doctor become partners and the patient follows medication instructions explicitly. This will alleviate any chance of addiction occurring. It is important to monitor your pain and to control it continuously and not to let it get out of hand. If you think that it is in your best interest to "tough it out", it is not.

Pain is much easier to control if it is not allowed to get out of hand. Pain affects may aspects of your life: your ability to get a good night rest, your emotional stability, your ability to function. The ability to complete your cancer treatment stems from your ability to maintain good nutrition, receive adequate sleep and to be able to stay focused on completing your treatment plan as prescribed by your doctor.


If you have chronic or recurring pain, try avoiding certain foods, like coffee, dairy products, chocolate and salt. These are just a few of the foods which can cause pain. Give it a shot for a week or two, just to see if the pain goes away. You may just be suffering from food sensitivities.

Controlling your pain allows you to be able to maintain proper emotional balance, receive proper sleep, and have the strength to carry on. Pain can rob you of comfort and well being. Pain can affect your emotions and your decision-making ability. Cancer patients deserve the very best medical benefits including the best managed pain treatment possible.


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