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The Pain Cycle Of Arthritis Sufferers

Those of us who suffer the pain of arthritis understand what receiving relief means to us. We also understand that getting that relief may mean accepting some risk involved with using certain pain relievers.

Why must we weight the risk of receiving much needed relief from pain against the increased risk of stomach issues, infections or even a heart attack? Does pain relief have to come at the risk of other health problems? How do you know which pain medication will ease the pain without causing you future heartache and misery?

We all know that our medical care provider is our best source of medical information but can we trust the information we receive when it seems that so many pharmaceutical companies target our physicians with reasons to push their brands? How do we know that what is being offered to us as acceptable pain medication therapy is really the best for us? Education is the key when it comes to making choices concerning our health. We should be partners with our medical team and not blindly follow what they suggest.

We should be active regarding the decisions we face in our medications and in other aspects of our pain management. You really need to put the pain medication risk into perspective. What exactly is the risk percentage and how likely are you to be at risk? A lot depends on your dosage and how you take the medication. Are you careful to read the label before taking your first dose?

Do you know if it is advised to take food along with your medication? Are you clear on what your correct dosage is and if you can adjust the quantity of pills you take at any given time? These are all things that should be discussed with your medical care provider. When pain of arthritis strikes and is not managed properly the patient will usually decrease movement and activity level and this can lead to more stiffness and pain.

Part of the pain relief management therapy is to maintain mobility and to achieve the best level of activity possible. The decreased mobility experienced when pain is not being managed leads to more pain, which increases the desire to not move it is a vicious cycle of pain. The cycle has to be stopped and the quality of life sustained and the best means for improving life offered. There are non-medication methods to reduce pain that can be incorporated into the pain management plan for every patient.   

Today's Holistic Tip for Pain

Arthritis Pain Relief

The spirit defies a logical explanation. The spirit is not an easy entity to define or describe. The spirit is what gives our personality life as well as our morals, values and dreams. The spirit is who we really are and it is the most unique part of us. The spirit is believed to be where our conscience comes from as well as the root of all feelings. natural relief

To osteoarthritis suffers this may mean losing 15 pounds or more (depending on weight), this weight management may help to halt the progression of the disease and allow the pain level to stabilize. Movement is essential to weight loss. It becomes not only a matter of comfort but a matter of health that patients with osteoarthritis keep moving in their daily lives.

It does make a difference in their disease to stay active and to accomplish weight control. The proper weight can make a difference in your pain level. It should be the goal of every pain sufferer to obtain maximum health and provide your body with the nutrients it needs to function properly. When this happens pain will be reduced.


Go fishing, well at least eat fresh fish at least twice a week, or at a minimun take a fish oil supplement. Fatty acids have been discovered to reduce the intensity of migraine headaches.

Physical therapy can help to understand the connection between movement and pain relief. Ask you medical provider to explore the benefits of non-medicated pain therapy that will help you to stay mobile. Swimming has many benefits especially in a heated pool. Learning all you can about not only the medications that can relieve pain, but other therapies as well can lead to better pain management.


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