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Shiatsu Pain Relief Therapies

Shiatsu is a holistic/alternative pain relief therapy that can benefit a person suffering from a variety of diseases and disorders. Many people turn to the practice of shiatsu for everything from anxiety disorders to endometriosis. While shiatsu is an excellent practice to try, there are other therapies that are closely linked to shiatsu that might also prove to be beneficial.

Many of these therapies are a matter of trial and error. Try them and show some patience.

If after a length of time no benefit is seen then move on and try something else.

Let us take a look at five other alternative therapies that work very well.


Acupressure has been used successfully In China and Japan for over 3,000 years. This is a form of therapy that makes use of the combination of acupuncture and massage. When acupressure is done the practitioner massages the points on the body deemed as acupoints as firmly as possible with his fingertip or thumb.

The pressure exerted from acupressure can be done in more than one way. Some acupressure practitioners use their fingers while others use their thumb, the palms of their hands and even their knees in some cases. How soon a person will experience relief from pain depends on the cause of the pain.

Chronic persistent types of health problems will take longer to show Improvement while other problems can show Improvement fairly quickly.

This is another type of alternative therapy which is an excellent precursor to an acupressure treatment. Do-In is a system that utilizes stretches, exercises, beginner acupressure techniques and special breathing techniques. This is an excellent introduction to alternative health therapies, especially if you are new to this unique form of healing.

Today's Holistic Tip for Pain

Herbal Pain Relief

Many people reach for antibiotic creams or cortisone creams to encourage their skin to heal when in actuality you may be harming your skin far worse by applying these substances. Cortisone cream and many antibiotic ointments and creams contain strong steroids which can often thin the skin and then can leave It vulnerable to even more Irritation as well as Infections. If you are not aware of it, the skin acts as a shield or protective barrier from Invaders that could possibly do it harm. These Invaders can include poisons and toxins in the environment, bacteria and airborne viruses. The skin is able to block out all negative substances, however over time this takes a toll on the skin and can wear it down. arthritis pain relief

Acu-yoga combines yoga with acupressure for pain relief. Yoga postures are used in order to stimulate acupressure points on the body, but in this case the entire body will be used and not just the hands. Acu-yoga is meant to be done at home. The yoga positions are good if you want to reach the hard-to-reach spots on your body, like your back.

Jin Shin Jyutsu
Is a Japanese method of acupressure that is considered to be self-help, and is not about massage but instead cradling or touching of the body for pain relief. The aim of this practice is to calm and harmonize the body as well as the spirit and mind. This is done by way of touching what is known as 26 "safety energy locks" that are located in the human body along various pathways of energy. A Jin Shin Jyutsu can even Involve a great deal of cradling or a combination of touches or It can be as basic as holding one or two fingers.

Zen Shiatsu
This is a strenuous practice which incorporates yoga-like stretches, along with mediation on a daily basis. Zen is a type of Buddhism which started in Japan. The yoga-like stretches are designed to open up the meridians of the body.

Practitioners of this alternative therapy also make use of heavy pressure on their body, and they put their entire body weight into it. This type of vigorous shiatsu cannot be done at home.


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