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Pain Relief With Fasting

Fasting has long been prescribed as a way to clean toxins and other harmful materials from the body to helps rid a person of pain and to promote healing in the cells of the body. Toxins and harmful chemicals are all around us and the more we can eliminate from our bodies the better.

As a concise example of this, the chemicals in the food and water we eat and drink can lead to toxin build up as can pollutants that all around us in our environments and so on. It is important that the body get rid of these toxins as they can do harm. When toxins find their way into the bloodstream that can cause either a low cycle (also referred to as a down cycle).

In this case a person is likely to be bothered by depressed feelings, frequent headaches, stomach problems and diarrhea. One of the simplest and most effective ways to detoxify the body and release these harmful toxins from the tissues is by fasting. Fasting is often recommended as a way of cleaning out the body when an individual is suffering from a sickness or has recently recovered from one.

Illnesses that are acute are more receptive to the benefits of fasting than are chronic degenerative diseases and these include health problems such as disorders of the colon, respiratory diseases and allergies. By allowing the body a break from digesting food, fasting helps to get rid of toxins as quickly and efficiently as possible, thereby encouraging healing to begin.

Be aware that pregnant women should never attempt to fast. Before starting a fast always talk to your physician about the prospect and whether it is safe and healthy for you. Fasting is good for the body in general and not just when a person is sick or is going through a low cycle.

Fasting on a regular basis provides a rest from work for all of the organs of the digestive system and this helps to reverse the signs of aging and it encourages longevity. 


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Arthritis Pain Relief

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While a fast is going on, toxins are being excreted from the tissues and the introduction of new toxins is cut down upon because food is not being consumed. The positive result of this is that the overall toxicity in the body is greatly reduced.

When a person fasts, the energy that their body usually requires for digestive purposes is then used for other beneficial purposes, namely as the growth and development of new cells, the function of the immune system and improved processes of elimination. The immune system is busy all of the time but a fast gives it a break and this means that the digestive system does not need to worry about any inflammation that might result because of allergies to any particular foods.


Take a magnesium and calcium food supplement. Calcium is great for preventing arthritis, and can also help to reduce the menstrual pain some women suffer with.

Serum fats are decreased during a fast and this leads to a thinning of the blood and encourages tissue oxygenation which in turn allows white blood cells to more effectively be moved. Any drugs or pesticides that are stored in fat are released during a fast as well.


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