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Pain Is A Part Of Life Pt 1

Part One

Pain is something that everyone experiences, no matter who they are. Since the beginning of time people have looked for ways to minimize pain or get rid of it all together. P

ain however is a very clear message that the body sends to the brain to let it know that a problem exists be it a strain, an injury, a trauma, a diseases etc. Although no one likes the existence of pain, without it life would be worse as no one would be aware of the fact that there was a problem in the body whether it be a toothache, a torn ligament, appenditicitis or a pounding headache.

Pain in its most basic form is the way that Mother Nature lets us know that there is a problem somewhere in the body. The problem most people make is that they treat the symptoms of a health problem instead of getting to the root of the problem.

People consume tranquilizers, anti-depressants and narcotics all in an effort to rid themselves of pain but what this often does is it makes matters worse as it masks the source of the pain which is particularly detrimental when it comes to serious illness and disease and it sometimes then creates a vicious cycle of chronic pain. While some forms of pain are beneficial some actually are not.

Acute pain can let a person know that there is a major problem in the body while chronic pain is the pain that remains even after the body has healed, whether it be as the result of an injury, a surgical procedure, an ailment etc.

Examples of chronic pain include arthritis, migraines and backaches. In the case of chronic pain cure is not the aim but instead pain management becomes the treatment of choice. Many psychological consequences are the result of a recovery after surgery, an illness, a trauma or an illness.

Often requiring more rest than other people and/or going through a period of inactivity can cause a person to become depressed and to loss some of their self-confidence.   

Today's Holistic Tip for Pain

Aromatherapy Holistic

Water as Replenishment Equals Pain Reduction Without water on a regular basis no human being and no animal could survive. Water is an essential no matter how you care to look at it. It is highly possible to live for two months and even more without any food whatsoever but a person will survive only a few precious days without any water to drink. The body is made up of approximately 60 to 70 percent water and we lose a considerable amount every day and therefore need to replenish it on a regular basis. Drinking enough H2O helps the body to make energy as well as to build new cells, regulate body temperature, get rid of waste and lubricate the joints and muscles. pain therapy

This often flies in the face of other losses such as endurance, flexibility and physical strength. If whatever you have suffered such as an injury has caused you to have to go without doing activities that you enjoyed for a specified period of time then it is very likely that you have suffered anxiety, frustration and a certain modicum of depression.

Many people suffering from chronic pain tend to overdo things and overexert themselves and this can lead to the injury taking longer to heal which in turn brings more pain to the individual. Acute pain is easier to treat than chronic pain, which explains why most alternative and holistic therapies are aimed at treating chronic pain.


If you have trouble sleeping because of back pain, be sure to sleep on your side with your knees bent. Try using pillows where you need them to feel comfortable. If you are overweight, try tucking a pillow under your stomach to help reduce the strain on your back.

On the other hand conventional Western treatments work in a physical manner in that they interfere with the signals that are communicated between the nerves and the brain. in other cases, the physical manifestation takes place by way of the nerves being desensitized. such as when you take a pill to "kill the pain."


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