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Massage Therapy For Back and Neck Pain

Plenty of people suffer from back and neck pain and for many it is a problem that becomes chronic due to repetitive actions such as their jobs.

Using heavy machinery on a consistent basis or sitting at a desk at typing on a computer are repetitive tasks that can put added stress on neck and back muscles and can leave them knotted, tight and terribly stiff.

Due to the fact that the back and neck support the entire body it is important to keep your skeletal system in as topnotch health as you possibly can. Before you turn to holistic methods for relieving pain it is important to make sure that the source of your neck and back pain has been properly diagnosed.

Visit your doctor for an assessment. Your doctor might refer you to a chiropractor and/or a massage therapist. You might want to look at other types of methods of holistic healing to help relieve your symptoms as well. The most popular kind of massage in the United States is known as Swedish massage.

Swedish massage is also called massage therapy and it can be an effective method of getting at pain. At a massage session a qualified massage therapist will apply a special massage oil or lotion onto the skin and will then use his or her hands to make long and smooth strokes across the skin. If you are new to the world of massage it is best to start with a Swedish massage.

Swedish massage is for the soft tissues of the body. Another type of massage that goes even deeper than Swedish massage is also effective at reducing neck and back pain and this is known as deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage is just that, it reaches deep into the tissues and it is meant for painful and extremely strained and tight muscles that have been that way on a chronic basis.

Deep tissue massage is also effective for repetitive strain as well as problems that have developed as a result of bad posture. This form of massage is useful at getting to problems that are connected with connective tissue and the deeper layers of muscles. Be forewarned that following a deep tissue massage there is often a certain amount of physical discomfort because of the nature of the massage.   

Today's Holistic Tip for Pain

Pain Therapy

Qualified practitioners of acupuncture are known as acupuncturists and when it comes to their patients they insert thin stainless steel needles into spots on the body that bare connected to the meridians and channels in the body. The goal of acupuncture is to unblock the chi, as it is believed that blocked chi is the cause of pain in the human body. The needles are inserted and left in for anywhere from a couple of minutes to 30 minutes or more. Acupuncture is a holistic form of treatment that is theorized to stimulate endorphins in the body, which are the body's form of natural painkillers. Acupuncture has been shown to successfully work well in the treatment of a number of disorders such as sinus pain, jaw pain, spinal problems, backaches with a number of different causes, and both withdrawal such as quitting smoking and mental and psychological disorders. pain treatment

The pain and soreness should begin to subside within a day or two following the massage and then you will begin to feel much better. Shiatsu, which is a Japanese type of bodywork, is another option. In this case the therapist applies specific localized pressure with his or her fingers to various spots of the body. The fact that the pressure is of the localized variety means that it is felt deep into the body.

Shiatsu is a type of treatment that is always done when a person is fully clothed. As mentioned previously, combining massage therapy and chiropractic treatments is an excellent way to relieve neck and back pain and another option is to try out yoga.


If you are suffering with back pain, try putting your legs up. Try resting them on a chair, while you lay down on the floor. This will take the pressure off your spine, and also helps keep your blood flowing.

Yoga is a stress buster that is excellent at relieving tension that has built up in muscles and it also works wonders when it comes to improving strength as well as flexibility. Most gyms and recreation centers offer yoga classes so if you are interested search around for a beginner one that can fit into your schedule.


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