Pain Relief Holistic Style

Living The Holistic Lifestyle Pt 2

Part Two

There are so many ways to become a person who embraces the holistic lifestyle. It is important to protect yourself as much as possible from impulses that are negative electromagnetic and try your best to avoid breathing air that is recirculated as many newer office buildings do not allow people to open the windows and have nothing but unhealthy recycled air.

This has been known to be serious and in extreme cases can lead to Legionnaires Disease. Eat as much fresh, chemical free food as possible and food that is free of pesticides. Organic food is the best choice so you should shop at farmer's markets whenever you can.

Consume butter sparingly. In fact eat butter and margarine as seldom as possible. Instead reach for unheated extra virgin olive oil as liberally as possible. When you choose fruit and vegetables that are both local and in-season attempt to buy them as close to the day that they were first picked as possible. Never buy anything that has been in the market for a number of days.

Buy the majority of your groceries not at the local grocery store but at a farmer's market and the health food store. Avoid junk food, fast food, fried and fatty food at all costs and do not drink sugary drinks loaded with chemicals, artificial sweeteners and sugar such as soda pop. A

void chemical preservatives wherever possible such as mono sodium glutamate (Otherwise known as MSG), nitrates (which are commonly found in such products as bacon) and any animals that were fed antibiotics or hormones of any kind. Do not consume a great deal of liquids when you eat meals and in particular this means ice in drinks, other cold drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Try your best to avoid drinking from Styrofoam cups, as Styrofoam is very bad for the environment and avoid eating off of plastic plates and using plastic utensils. Do not consume foods that have been prepared with hydrogenated oil, examples being margarine and any other type of butter or margarine substitute.   

Today's Holistic Tip for Pain

Alternative Relief

Shiatsu is a generally safe practice but it should not be performed on everyone. Individuals who suffer from serious health diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis and heart disorder should not engage in shiatsu. In some cases an experienced shiatsu practitioner can work on a person with a serious disease but only if he or she has been apprized of the person's health situation and their prognosis. Endometriosis and Alternative Pain Relief Therapies Endometriosis is a serious health condition whereby the tissues that are found lining the uterus, which are known as endometrial tissue are also to be found in other locations such as the ovaries, the fallopian tubes and the pelvic cavity. This condition can worsen over time If It Is not diagnosed and treated right away. acupuncture pain relief

Avoid any of the artificial sugar substitutes such as aspartame, which is actually more harmful to the body than sugar, and eat as small a quantity as possible of white sugar that is processed. Never consume unbleached white flour or fruits and vegetables that are not ripe or have been waxed. As well avoid all irradiated vegetables as well as spices.

Choose natural fibers for clothing such as cotton, linen, silk and wool as opposed to synthetic fibers such as acetate, nylon, polyester, spandex etc. Do not use any kind of bug repellant or any type of fluid or lotion on your skin to keep bugs away from you. Avoid these items both on your person as well as in your home.


You have heard about the apple a day, Well try some ginger roots, olives, carrots, and bananas to help control pain.

Instead make sure you get enough B vitamins every day (if you do not consume enough in food then take a supplement daily) and chase the bugs away by applying an essential oil such as oil of citronella. The list of ways to change your life is long. Some other suggestions include adding prayer to your daily routine, practicing yoga poses as well as Pranayama and meditating.


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