Pain Relief Holistic Style

Living The Holistic Lifestyle Pt 1

Part One

Holistic living is about living in as healthy a manner as you are able to live. In its most basic way holistic living means staying as close to nature as you are able to such as by eating wholesome and organic foods, by residing in a clean and harmonious environment and surrounding yourself with good things such as love, peace, joy and positive thoughts and feelings.

Holistic living means finding natural and alternative ways to cope with illnesses, traumas and diseases, both physical as well as emotional ones. Holistic living is also about being careful to avoid as many environmental toxins that are man made as you can and to always buy products that are natural, whether you are talking about food, clothing, bedding, towels, furniture, beauty products and the like.

Holistic living is beneficial for everyone as it improves one's appearance as well as one's mental and emotional functioning. Many people who choose to adopt the holistic and natural lifestyle find that their senses become better and brighter as in clearer vision, better hearing, a keener sense of smell, taste and even touch. With the absence of many toxins individuals find that their hair grows in smoother and shiner and their fingernails are smoother and gleam with good health.

Some people report being able to see very small objects far away that they could never before and even being able to detect the most faint of sounds. Vitality and energy is increased ten fold when a person gets rid of the unnatural and starts living the holistic and organic way of life. This all adds up to better perceptions and a better overall experience of life. The expression, "Live life to the fullest" really becomes clear once a person takes up the holistic lifestyle.

Going as basic and back to nature as possible is good for the mind, body and spirit. The person who chooses this way of life will automatically feel better and so many positive channels will open up to the person. People who live holistically think clearer and they can work more productively as well as becoming more joyous, compassionate, supportive and understanding.   

Today's Holistic Tip for Pain

Relief Treatment

To find this out for certain find a qualified acupuncture practitioner in your community and speak with him or her about your situation. He or she will want to know your extensive past medical history including any allergies you have and what sicknesses and injuries you have sustained in your lifetime. Only after knowing these things can a potential form of treatment be mapped out for you. Always be honest and upfront with the acupuncturist, as this will guarantee the most successful result. There are a number of health conditions that can be helped by way of acupuncture treatments. relief treatment

What are some things you can do to become active in the holistic lifestyle? There are many things you can do. Start slow with one or two facets of the holistic lifestyle and work up gradually to more. Do not allow yourself to feel pressured into jumping into a whole new way of living, i.e. the wholesome life, but just take small steps at a time. Some examples include work in natural sunlight whenever possible or lese working under full spectrum light bulbs.

Keep a few plants in whichever room you work in during the daytime, whether it be work or home and work with an open window that came bring fresh air into the room as much as possible. Where fresh air is not available make sure to use an air purifier.


Baths and showers, both can provide healing for the body. It is best to take a warm bath in the 90 to 95 degree range, and not any hotter. Try to fill the tub so you can have your shoulders submerged.

A relaxing bath can be especially beneficial when you are suffering from a low-grade fever, a respiratory problem that includes a stuffed up nose, a sore throat, and a cough, as well as for bladder infections.

Consume plenty of herb tea that is warm not hot and drink it frequently throughout the day as well as in the evening, also drink a fair share of water between meals. The best type of water to consume is purified water that is served at room temperature. Squeezing your own juice, such as fresh squeezed orange juice is your best bet and then make sure to drink it immediately.


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