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Holistic Treatment Of Ear Pain

Ear Pain, what you can do at home to relieve the pain fast! Ear pain can cause major discomfort to babies, kids and adults. It is especially painful and disturbing when it happens during the night, when all you want to do is sleep.

Excruciating ear pain interrupts sleep. You need to end the pain fast, so you can get back to sleep. Here are just a few things that you can do to alleviate ear pain fast. Ear pain remedy will depend so what on the cause of the pain.

Common causes of ear pain are: Swimming without earplugs. Earplugs prevent water from the pool from getting into your ears. When pool water does enter your ear canal, it brings with it bacteria from others who are in the pool. This bacterium can then cause infection, which can cause ear pain.

The common cold can cause ear pain when it increases the pressure in your ear, which will in turn cause your ear to ache. Another cause of ear pain is when there is pain in another part of the body which is physically related to your ear like when you have a toothache. Your mouth is related to your ear by passageways.

Medications: Tylenol and ibuprofen can help to relieve ear pain when taken in correct dosage. Over dosing can hurt your stomach and should be avoided. One thing that can be done immediately is that when you are lying down, do so in such a way that they painful ear is facing upwards. There are ear drops that are antiseptic in nature that can be purchased at the store in advance so that when earaches strike you have them on hand to use.   

Today's Holistic Tip for Pain

Pain Therapy

If you repeatedly make an effort to clear your mind of the debris that is in it then you must seek to empty it completely and then allow the energy of meditation to take over. You will open yourself up to so many insightful things in your life such as calmness, relaxation, peace and serenity. Meditation is a way of relaxing your mind and in turn your body and this helps to separate you from your everyday problems and stresses that weigh you down. Be aware that with both time as well as faith in yourself you will be able to learn to meditate and it will bring about positive changes in your life. Acupuncture and Pain Relief Acupuncture is a form of pain relief that dates back 2,000 years and got its start in China. pain treatment

Follow bottle instructions for proper dosage. Homemade ear drops can be made using warmed up (not hot) olive, garlic or vegetable oil and applied to the painful ear one drop at a time. You can test the oil to see if is warm or hot by placing a drop of oil on your inner arm, much like you would test a baby's bottle. DO NOT APPLY ANYTHING TO AN EAR THAT HAS LIQUID OR PUSS COMING OUT OF IT.

You must see a doctor right away if anything is coming out of the ear. Apply a warm washcloth to the ear and the heat will give some pain relief. You also need to see a doctor if the ear is swollen, or the pain does not go away within 24 hours. Babies and young children can be held in an upright position and gently rocked back to sleep. 


Drink lots of water. You should really drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

With the extra lubrication it provides, your joints and organs can better deal with the things that are causing you pain.

If it is possible, elevate the head of the bed slightly so that the head is slightly elevated and not flat while sleeping. This helps to relieve some of the pressure off of the eardrum and there will be less pain. In some cases giving Tylenol and a decongestant if the nose is stuffy can relieve the ear pain. The Eustachian tube in the ear can become blocked when the person is suffering from a cold or from allergies.


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