Pain Relief Holistic Style

Holistic Treatment For Better Circulation

If you have problems with the circulation in your body, and in particular your legs then look to holistic methods of pain relief for assistance.

Seeking the assistance of a chiropractor is never a bad idea for this purpose. A qualified Chiropractor will physically adjust the skeletal system in order to improve the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the blood stream.

By relieving excess stress on the pelvic area for example this can improve the flow of blood to all of the bodys tissues. A skeletal system that is in proper alignment allows for the best circulation possible.

Herbal Therapies are definitely worth a try to encourage better circulation. Try Witch Hazel ointment applied to the legs or arms two to three times a day and keep this up for a period of two weeks or more in order to allow your circulation to be as top notch as it can be. Witch hazel can only be used as a topical ointment and should never be taken internally. Be aware that Witch Hazel can cause skin irritation for some people. If you try it and it bothers you then stop using it.

Horse Chestnut, can be used for venous circulation such as problems with varicose veins and it can be used internally and externally but it should always be used under the care of a physician. Do not choose to self medicate yourself with any herbs as it can prove dangerous.

Herbs can sometimes interact with other types of medication so it is always advisable to make sure your doctor is aware of what you are taking. Women who are pregnant or lactating should never take horse chestnut and it also is not safe for people with kidney disease or liver disease. When applied to the skin there have been some rare instances where serious allergic reactions have occurred.

Bilberries are very beneficial when it comes to strengthening veins and capillaries. Bilberries are also supportive in their action to form connective tissues in the body.   

Today's Holistic Tip for Pain

Alternative Relief

When you choose fruit and vegetables that are both local and in-season attempt to buy them as close to the day that they were first picked as possible. Never buy anything that has been in the market for a number of days. Buy the majority of your groceries not at the local grocery store but at a farmer's market and the health food store. Avoid junk food, fast food, fried and fatty food at all costs and do not drink sugary drinks loaded with chemicals, artificial sweeteners and sugar such as soda pop. Avoid chemical preservatives wherever possible such as mono sodium glutamate (Otherwise known as MSG), nitrates (which are commonly found in such products as bacon) and any animals that were fed antibiotics or hormones of any kind. pain treatment

Butchers Broom, tones veins while at the same time it also decreases inflammation. Butchers Broom can be purchased as an herbal supplement or can also be purchased as a type of tea. Gotu Kola helps to strengthen blood vessels and also improves circulation that is peripheral. Ginkgo (or ginkgo biloba) and Hawthorn (or crataegus laevigata) does the exact same thing as Gotu Kola, which is to improve the level of peripheral circulation and to strengthen the blood vessels.

If you develop varicose veins that are lumpy, hard and painful in order to break up the buildup of a certain type of protein, consume more Cayenne (Capsicum frutescens) and Garlic (Allium sativum) on a regular basis. Other substances that you would do well to eat more of on a consistent basis include Ginger (Zingiber officinale), Onion, as well as Pineapple.


If you have chronic or recurring pain, try avoiding certain foods, like coffee, dairy products, chocolate and salt. These are just a few of the foods which can cause pain.

Give it a shot for a week or two, just to see if the pain goes away. You may just be suffering from food sensitivities.

Pineapple is composed of an enzyme called Bromelain, which helps to positively break up the fibrin in the veins. Always discuss herbal therapies for better circulation with your physician or healthcare practitioner before you start adding supplements into your daily diet.


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