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Holistic Methods Of Treating Menstrual Pain Pt 2

Part Two

If you choose to increase your intake of fish oil in order to decrease your monthly menstrual cramps be aware that you need to eat more fish or consume more fish oil on a consistent basis and not just during the days that you have your period or the week preceding your period.

More and more evidence is pointing to the effectiveness of fish in maintaining a healthy and well balanced diet and fish is not just beneficial when it comes to menstrual cramps but it can be useful in regards to a number of different health conditions.

If you are not a person who enjoys fish then experiment with different kinds of fish as well as different recipes in order to find ways of preparing and eating fish that are more appealing to you. For example baked salmon that is wrapped in tin foil is delicious. Add a little bit of olive oil to the fish and then squeeze a tiny squirt or two of lemon and include a slice of lemon in the pan if you like.

Sprinkle a tiny portion of your favorite spice and then wrap it in aluminum foil and let it bake. In this way the aluminum foil acts as a type of oven so the fish cooks in its own juices. If you take aspirin on a regular basis or if you are on any drugs that thin the blood such as warfarin (Coumadin) be aware that fish oil capsules can work negatively with these drugs and a doctor should be consulted before you consider taking them.

Some of the potential side effects that could occur with the combination of these drugs include bleeding and indigestion. In order to prevent the fishy taste of consuming these oils always take them before you eat a meal. Studies have shown that increasing your intake of the mineral magnesium can play a positive role in decreasing the incidence of menstrual cramps.

Magnesium is a naturally occurring mineral that is found in many different kinds of foods including leafy green vegetables such as lettuce, and broccoli, whole grains, seeds and a variety of nuts. Magnesium can also be purchased as a nutritional supplement.

You can purchase magnesium alone or buy it in combination with calcium, which is another mineral that has been indicated as instrumental in helping to decrease menstrual cramps and other pain. Magnesium is required by the body for more than 300 different biochemical reactions.    

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Cancer Pain Relief

Most of these unpleasant symptoms will last only a day or so before Improvement Is shown. Many people experience symptoms that are similar to what happens when a person comes down with a head cold. The patient will cough and will produce mucus and have a sore throat and headaches. The coughing and mucus Is not a cause for concern as It Is simply the body's way of getting rid of undesirable foods in the body such as fats and sugars. A person who was not that healthy when they underwent shiatsu will likely develop mucus which can then lead to a head cold because the body's cells are not as healthy to begin with as they should have been to begin with. herb pain relief

This is an essential mineral that is needed to build muscle and required for normal nerve function while it also is responsible in part for regulating the level of blood sugar and it also plays an integral role in the development of bones, immune system function, blood pressure and heart rhythm.

Be aware that consuming too high a low a dose of the mineral magnesium on a regular basis can lead to any number of negative side effects such as low blood pressure, an irregular heart rate, weakness in the muscles, problems with breathing, nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and a great deal of confusion.


Hypnosis increases our bodies ability to tolerate pain. Long time chronic pain sufferers may see an improvement in the unbearable nature of their pain. It might be worth considering if pain is affecting your lifestyle.

Too much magnesium in the system can negatively interact with a variety of medications such as medications prescribed for high blood pressure (such as calcium channel blockers) and osteoporosis as well as a variety of antibiotics, muscle relaxants, as well as diuretics. Always consult with your doctor about the dosage of magnesium you require to help with your menstrual pain.


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