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Dealing With Foot Pain

Foot Pain Relief It is no wonder the foot is a common pain center. There are 26 bones located in your foot and 39 muscles. These bones and muscles are designed to withstand movement and to support your weight. The foot can also adjust to most terrains and take us just about anywhere we ask them to take us. There are many causes of foot pain.

Some of the common causes of foot pain are:
* Arthritis * Injury * Overuse * Back, Hip or Knee injury Pain is a significant signal that the body uses to communicate a need. Pain is a stimulus that we must respond it.

It can be important to know what is causing the foot pain in order to discover the correct pain relief. Listen to your pain and make every effort to describe it to your doctor. One common foot pain is experienced as an ankle sprain caused by injury. There are 25,000 persons each and everyday that sprains an ankle. These accidents are attributed to high heels, being overweight or being related to sports.

Sports enthusiasts see their share of foot sprains and broken bones. Should a painful foot appear deformed it may be broken and should not be moved. In this case the person needs to be seen immediately by a doctor or through an emergency room. An important thing to remember is not to walk on a sprained foot until it has a chance to heal.

Do not place weight on your injured foot. Use ice/hot compresses, bed rest and be sure that you elevate your foot to avoid further swelling. One of the most common causes of foot pain is arthritis. Arthritis can cause both pain and swelling of the foot. Elevate the foot and follow any instructions your doctor may have given you in advance. There are many over the counter medications that can be taken to relieve foot pain.

Brand name medications include: Advil, Aleve and Tylenol. If pain persists you may require an antibiotic, which needs to be ordered by your physician. When you suffer from foot pain, it can affect you in many ways. It can affect your ability to move around, get to school or work and can be the cause of missed work and school days.   

Today's Holistic Tip for Pain

Remedy Relief

Do-In is a type of alternative therapy is an excellent precursor to an acupressure treatment. Do-In is a system that utilizes stretches, exercises, beginner acupressure techniques and special breathing techniques. This is an excellent Introduction to alternative health therapies if you are new to this unique form of healing. Acu-yoga combines yoga with acupressure for pain relief. In this case yoga postures are used In order to stimulate acupressure points on the body but In this case the entire body is used for this purpose and not just the hands. drugs pain relief

Weight management is one way you can take an active role in preventing foot pain. You can select comfortable foot wear and learn how to care properly for your feet. Foot care includes washing, drying, proper footwear and weight management.

Staying active is one way to stay healthy. Your feet are an important body part and should be treated with respect. Chronic foot pain can be frustrating as you try to design an appropriate pain management plan. One way to help your doctor understand your chronic foot pain, is to keep a journal of when, how and where the pain occurs.


Skip your regular cup of coffee or tea, and replace it with a chamomile tea. Chamomile has anti inflamatory properties and is also a good digestive aid.

These may be important clues to diagnose the cause of your chronic foot pain. It is especially important for diabetics to have good foot care. Skin can breakdown easily and be compromised. One thing your doctor may do is to take an x-ray of your foot in order to see what is happening with your foot.


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