Working With Your Patients In A Reflexology Practice

Dealing with patients in your reflexology practice If you have your own reflexology practice, odds are that you want to have the best possible relationships with your clients as possible.

The better the connection between you and your client, the more likely they are to come back for a return visit.

In this article, we will give you a basic idea of some of the problems that you might encounter as a reflexologist and things that you should pay attention to when working on a patient so that you can ensure that your practice will remain a success.

One thing that you need to pay particular attention to when working reflexology on an individual is the condition that they are in. Some reflexologists press harder than others, and everyone has a different level of pain tolerance.

You need to ensure that your patient is as comfortable as possible in order to make them feel the best about the treatment. Since the removal of stress is one of the most significant goals for a reflexologist to accomplish, you want to be sure that your patient is calm at all times.

To that end, you may want to keep talking to the patient while you are working on them in order to ensure that they are at an optimal level of comfort. Periodically ask them if the amount of pressure that you are using is uncomfortable to them.

The more that you can get an individual to open up to you, the more likely they are to return to your business. Another important thing to consider when running a reflexology practice is your depth of knowledge about the subject.

Many people that visit reflexologists arent altogether familiar with the practice, and some may be quite skeptical of the benefits that it offers.

To that end, you should learn all that you can about reflexology so that you can ensure that you will have the proper answer to any questions that they might ask.

Talk to some of your friends or family members that arent familiar with reflexology, and ask them to think of some questions that they might have about the practice.

Quick Reflexology Fact

If you want to go the free route, learning the simple massage techniques is all you will have to do, outside of applying it. Each part of your feet and hands relates to a body system. By applying pressure and massage to those areas, you will increase blood flow and help push toxins out of the body. One of the major benefits here is that it is relaxing

Write down what they ask, and do your research so that you can ensure that youll have the answers to the questions that are asked the most often.
By being on-point with your answers, patients will trust you more and have a greater faith in your abilities.
The most important thing to consider when working with clients in a reflexology setting is to ensure that you remain ethical. 

There are times when you should not have reflexology treatments.

If you have open wounds that don’t heal, if you have gout or if you have recently had a fracture of any bone in the body you should abstain from having reflexology.

There is a code of ethics that has been established by the American Reflexology Certification Board that can be of great assistance when it comes to getting to know what you should and shouldnt do with clients.
By following the code of ethics, you can ensure that you are running your business in the proper way that will make clients want to keep coming back.
In doing so, you will ensure that your practice will be a success for many years to come.

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