What Is The Differences Between Reflexology And Massage Therapy

What Is The Differences Between Reflexology And Massage Therapy. Both massage therapy and reflexology are becoming more and more popular options when it comes to treating certain types of symptoms in the western world.

Few people understand both of these topics to an in-depth degree, however, so in this article, well give you a good idea of what some of the differences between the two practices are in order to give you a more complete understanding of your treatment options.

One of the major differences between reflexology and massage therapy lies within the area that is manipulated by the specialist. Massage therapists tend to concentrate on massage of the whole body in order to achieve a universal sense of relaxation and stress relief.

Reflexologists, on the other hand, work very precisely on specific areas of the body in the hopes that it will relieve certain symptoms an individual is having. The feet, hands, and ears are the most common areas that a reflexology works with in order to achieve results, while massage therapy principally focuses on all of the muscles of the back and torso.

Another difference between reflexology and massage therapy is the type of technique that is used to perform the work. Massage therapists often work with wide, broad strokes, using their whole hands either cupped or with the fingers together in order to massage broad ranges of the body.

Reflexologists, on the other hand, work towards affecting nerve endings that are located within very specific points of the feet, hands and ears, and to that end, they employ small movements with their fingers in order to manipulate them.

Whereas massage therapists work to help someone to overcome an injury or just to feel good in general, people often visit reflexologists in order to treat specific symptoms.

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Also, because reflexology is such a relaxing therapy, create your setting to compliment it. Avoid areas with clutter and set it up as comfortable as possible. Soft music and very soft essential oil scents are good compliments to your setup. 7. Finally, you must determine what hours and what services you will offer to your clients. This will partially be determined by how serious you are about your career.

It can be useful for numerous problems, with a study from China showing that it can be helpful in treating at least sixty three different heatlh-related problems. One study conducted in the United States showed that a full one third of all cancer patients turn to reflexologists in order to help them with pain relief, clearly illustrating how useful and specific the practice can be. One similarity that the two arts share is that they work to help an individual to feel a lot more stress-free and relaxed. 

The American Medical Association has stated that approximately eighty five percent of all illnesses are stress related, so visiting a massage therapist or reflexologist can be immensely helpful when it comes to maintaining your quality of life. A visit to a massage therapist and a visit to a reflexologist are actually pretty similar in some ways- both of them take an average thirty minutes to a full hour in order for the work to be done. 

A massage can help a person feel nurtured via touch. A couple can reconnect again by exchanging back and foot massages.

The important thing is to apply even pressure, remembering to use small circular movements and a nice relaxing massage oil like sandalwood.

If youre unsure of whether you should visit a massage therapist or a reflexologist in order to treat your problem, your best bet is to heavily research the two topics before coming to a decision, as they both offer different and specific benefits that can be great for your health.

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