Taking The Next Step Your First Reflexology Treatment

Taking The Next Step Your First Reflexology Treatment. Once you have looked into reflexology and decided that reflexology is a therapy that you would like to try, you will have to decide whom to go to for the treatment.

There are many specialties in reflexology, so you may have the choice of seeing one that specializes in your symptoms. Keep in mind that most reflexologists see patients with all sorts of health issues.

It is not vital that you go to one that specializes in your particular illness, however if it makes you feel more secure you can certainly do so.

Probably not surprisingly, the most common reason for seeing a reflexologist is for stress relief. Stress is literally killing us. And hey, who doesnt have stress?

The effects of stress have been studied for quite some time and it is known that if you do not release stress from your body on a regular basis, it will eventually wreak havoc on your body in the form of one of many different sicknesses or diseases.

In the world of reflexology there are specialists for Infertility & maternity Insomnia Menopause Back pain Stress relief Depression Autism Children Elderly patients

Now you may be wondering what you can expect from your reflexologist at your treatment appointment. You may also be asking yourself, what if I am embarrassed about my feet, or my feet are ticklish, how will I be able to handle the therapy? All of these are viable questions.

As far as the appearance of your feet, dont worry about them. This is a common fear for new patients. All feet are different and there is nothing to be ashamed about. The only possible thing that might come up in direct relation to the appearance of your feet may be if you have a severe problem with corns or something of that nature.

In this case, your reflexologist may recommend treatment options. Ticklish feet are not usually a problem for a reflexologist. Once pressure is applied, the sensation will quickly turn from a tickle to massage and you should be ok.  

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Before long you will notice a big difference in how you see life and that you are able to manage your day so much better. Reflexology Expectations Although reflexology is proven to be beneficial for a multitude of problems, your reflexologist cannot diagnose or claim to cure any diseases. They are not medically trained to do so. The practice of reflexology is meant to bring your body to a state of well-being.

However, if you are one that gets aggravated by the simplest touch of your foot, this therapy may not be for you. Your therapy session will usually begin with a questionnaire or a one on one question and answer session.  

This is, of course to get your personal history and determine where your therapy should be most concentrated. Next, your ears, feet and hands may be thoroughly looked over for discolorations and tender spots.
According to the theories reflexology stems from, these things can be warning signs that correlating body parts are not functioning, as they should.
Your therapy will usually start with rubbing of the ears, hands or feet and then will turn into a pressing technique. It closely mimics acupuncture, but without needles.

You can believe in the theories about reflexology, Oi, Meridians and so on, or you can have a reflexology treatment simply as a relaxing form of foot massage. Either way it will make you feel better.

If in doubt, make sure to choose a reflexologist that is a National Certificant with the American Reflexology Certification Board, although they are likely to charge more, the standards are also likely to be higher.

Or if you are in another country, find your national professional body and ask their advice.

By pressing in certain areas of the feet, hands and even the ears, the brain will send signals and release neurochemicals to stop pain and relieve tension.
You will become very relaxed during the therapy. Believe it or not, some people even fall asleep. It is one of the single most powerful ways to relax and eliminate stress in your body. Once you try it you will be hooked for life.

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