Some Tips For Building Your Reflexology Practice

Some Tips For Building Your Reflexology Practice. The following are some simple tips that can boost your level of professionalism and productivity. Make sure you set up your business how you want it to run and stick with it.

If a client comes in late and you go ahead and adjust your schedule and allow him the full session, he will have no reason to get there on time in the future.

In the beginning, when you are building your business it may be more acceptable, but sooner or late you will have to make a decision not to bend over backwards for everyone if you want your business to succeed.

If you already have an established business, but dont have the stable clientele that you need to thrive, try the compare the feet technique, as I like to call it.

When you are finished with one foot, kindly ask your client to stand up and compare how their feet feel. Not only does this put quality into your service right away, but also it sticks the wow factor into the equation. Soon your clients will be longing for the feeling they get after one of your sessions.

Make sure you are communicating effectively with your clients. In other words, you MUST know if you are being too hard on their feet or too soft. If you are too hard on their feet, and they leave in utter pain, you cannot expect them to return.

In the same respect, if they leave feeling no different than they came, you did not do your job effectively enough to warrant a return visit. Make sure you tell them up front that you can change your degree of pressure to suit their needs.

That is the only way they will know that you can accommodate them and are not just unknowledgeable and inexperienced. Take an active approach in respect to customer service. Call your client the day after therapy and ask how they are doing.

Furthermore, it is the perfect opportunity to get feedback and invite them back for a subsequent visit. 

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The more feet you work on the more success stories you will receive from satisfied, paying customers. In a business like reflexology, this is key to success. The truth of the matter is, one person could be responsible for making or breaking your reputation, but more commonly, it takes many satisfied customers to get a foothold in your community.

You will build trust and better yet you will know how well the treatment went and if you will need to adjust your treatment the next time. Make sure your prices match your skill level, experience and reputation. I wont go into great detail here because prices vary according to many factors, just do your homework before you set your prices and if they are too high, change them.

Create your environment carefully. The setting in which you do your therapy will add value to your service or it will break your service. If you choose to work out of your home, as many do in the beginning, price your services accordingly.
Also, because reflexology is such a relaxing therapy, create your setting to compliment it. Avoid areas with clutter and set it up as comfortable as possible.

One theory that tries to explain how reflexology works claims that the manipulation of nerve endings in the feet can communicate relaxing signals to areas of the body or organs that need relaxing or stimulating and the technique applied is best compared to a touchtone phone handset that can dial specific parts of the nervous system and send the right messages through to them.

The vast majority of people today are on the go almost constantly. This is only one of the reasons that people are looking for an effective way to escape the stress of daily life.

Yet most people simply cannot afford a getaway to a luxury spa every time they feel the need for a time out.

Not all of us can be celebrities, and receive the royal treatment every time we need to unwind, that is just not reality for most people.

Soft music and very soft essential oil scents are good compliments to your setup.
Finally, you should figure out how to deal with price increases before the time arises. The best thing to do is to plan months in advance and give ample warning to your customers.
If you have loyal customers that you intend to keep on the lower rate, make sure you tell them what you are doing for them. It will build trust and loyalty in THEIR eyes.

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