Reflexology To Treat Multiple Sclerosis

Reflexology To Treat Multiple Sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis is a progressive, degenerative disorder of the central nervous system, including the brain, the optic nerve, and the spinal cord.

It affects people mainly over the age of 30 and appears to affect more women than men. Over 400,000 people in the United States have been diagnosed with MS.

The underlying cause of Multiple Sclerosis is not known, however stress and malnutrition often precede the onset of the disease. Another theory, one that I tend to agree with is that it is caused by food allergies and intolerances to things such as dairy products, gluten and food additives.

In the early stage of the disease, the symptoms include dizziness, fatigue, blurred or double vision, loss of coordination, tingling and numbness, muscle stiffness, slurred speech, tremors and bowel and bladder dysfunction.

Secondary symptoms, usually as the disease progresses, include paralysis, sexual dysfunction, urinary tract infections and weak respiration. Most people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis end up on drugs to control the symptoms associated with the disease.

Unfortunately, this does nothing but mask the problem and does nothing to get to the root of the problem. The good news is that supplementation; dietary intervention and complimentary therapies such as reflexology have been shown effective in many studies.

Reflexology aims to prevent or treat health conditions through the application of pressure to specific points reflexes on the feet. The underlying idea of reflexology is that areas of the feet correspond to other parts of the body, and by stimulating those areas; you can heal and detoxify any part of the body.

Becoming more common these days is to also apply pressure to the hands, ears and even the face. Although reflexologists cannot diagnose or claim to cure a sickness or disease, the results speak for themselves, making it one of the most sought after treatments today.  

Quick Reflexology Fact

The more feet you work on the more success stories you will receive from satisfied, paying customers. In a business like reflexology, this is key to success. The truth of the matter is, one person could be responsible for making or breaking your reputation, but more commonly, it takes many satisfied customers to get a foothold in your community.

In fact, celebrities pay an arm and a leg for just a few minutes of reflexology. Not only is it beneficial as a tool for relaxation and stress relief, but it is also an effective tool for improving circulation; relieving pain, and as an immune and nervous system stimulator.

In fact, many people with illnesses such as allergies; chronic sinus problems; acid reflux; acne; migraines; PMS; menopause; insomnia; fertility problems and even arthritis have been helped tremendously by reflexology treatments.

I started using reflexology therapy a few years ago just for the purpose of relieving the tension headaches I was experiencing due to stress. I can attest to the fact that it works, as I have been successful at curing my headaches without the use of drugs ever since.
Reflexology has made its mark in the world of alternative therapies because it works. If you doubt that reflexology works, try it and see the results for yourself. 

Reflexology is a holistic treatment and is used for a variety of ailments. Not only is it beneficial as a tool for relaxation and stress relief, but it is also an effective tool for improving circulation; relieving pain, and as an immune and nervous system stimulator.

Once you try it you will be a believer and most importantly, you will be hooked for life. Find yourself a good reflexologist, or better yet, learn the techniques for yourself. Having the knowledge to treat yourself and your family is one of the smartest things you can do.
When used with your conventional medicine, it may just alleviate the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis that have stopped you from living your life well.

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