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Reflexology Information. In modern day society, many people choose to undergo whatever their doctors tell them will be the best for their health. Alternatively, however, there are many different forms of therapy that can offer results but are less widely known than types of Western medicine.

In this article, well help you to learn more about reflexology so that you can find out whether or not this special type of alternative therapy can be useful in helping you to get over the problems that you are having with your health.

First, well go over some of the basics to give you a better idea of what reflexology is. It is sometimes referred to as zone therapy, and more often than not, it is used as a type of complementary therapy to conventional medical treatments.

It is very different from other forms of therapy, as it focuses upon the manipulation of the nerves that are found in the feet, hands and the ears in order to help other parts of the body.

The reflexologist generally uses their thumbs and fingers to manipulate specific zones located on the feet, hands, and eras in order to address a specific problem.

Different zones of the feet, hands, and ears are known to correspond to helping specific different parts of the body, and many reflexologists keep charts that help to illustrate exactly which parts of the feet that they should focus on in order to treat a specific problem.

There are numerous positive health effects that individuals report after they receive reflexology treatment.

Amongst the many benefits include a decreased level of stress, as well as a higher level of energy, increased circulation, and a boosted immune system.

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At this point the therapy will begin. It will usually start with reflexology rubbing of the ears, hands or feet and then will turn into pressing. It closely mimics acupuncture, but without needles. By pressing in certain areas of the feet foot reflexology chart, hands and even the ears, the brain will send signals and release neurochemicals to stop pain and relieve tension.

People claim that the practice can also be helpful when it comes to eliminating or lessening symptoms of PMS, as well as helping to assist with lessening the pain that headaches can cause.

Those who suffer from cancer pain and victims of multiple sclerosis also may find relief from receiving treatment from a reflexologist.

There is no real scientific consensus on why reflexology is so helpful in benefiting the health of different parts of the body.

Some contend that the practice works by helping to correct energy levels throughout the body. 

Others believe that the manipulation of the nerves in the feet helps to break up stress patterns that may be present in other parts of the body since there are around seven thousand nerves in the feet alone.
Still others claim that reflexology techniques help the body to release neurotransmitters in order to help the individual to feel better. Although there are many different hypothesis, science has been unable to accurately explain how reflexology works as of the writing of this article.

A long term benefit of reflexology comes from its ability to reduce stress.

Regular relaxation reduces stress levels and with it helps the immune system restore itself faster.

Hopefully, this article has helped to give you a good basic idea of what reflexology is and the types of problems that it may be able to remedy. Remember that reflexology is often used as a complementary therapy, meaning that you should not cast aside Western medicine, and instead use reflexology as additional treatment to the care that you are already receiving.

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