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Reflexology For Your Back Pain. Back pain is one of the most common health related complaints today. But what causes it and what if anything can be done about it?

Back pain is very commonly associated with stress, although there are many other reasons. That is good news because if you can find an effective way of relieving your stress, often the symptoms will disappear as well. For this purpose, we are going to look at managing back pain caused by stress.

Stress is a silent killer. In fact, stress is so commonplace in our society today, that associated behaviors such as road rage, are becoming just an acceptable part of everyday life. Research has shown that high stress levels not only increase negative hormone levels, the ones responsible for inhibiting sickness and disease, but it also suppresses the immune system.

But in such a fast paced society, how do we really get rid of stress? I guess I should make the point that you cant necessarily get rid of stress. You can, on the other hand manage it quite effectively before it gets out of control. Complimentary therapies such as reflexology have shown very positive results in relieving the stress associated with back pain.

By stimulating nerves on specific areas of the feet and hands, reflexology enhances blood flow and eliminates toxin buildup in the corresponding organs and systems of the body. And, not only is this form of self-help therapy one of the most relaxing therapies available and provides immediate relief in many cases; it is free of charge and extremely convenient if you learn to do it yourself.

Outside of using it for stress relieving purposes, reflexology is also a beneficial tool for improving circulation, relieving pain, and as an immune and nervous system stimulator.

In fact, many people with illnesses such as allergies; chronic sinus problems; acid reflux; migraines; PMS; menopause; insomnia; fertility problems, fibromyalgia; depression and even arthritis report significantly improved conditions as a result of the treatment.

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If you are really serious about learning the techniques, there are numerous online reflexology schools where you can take classes and learn in-depth techniques for more specified sicknesses and diseases. Try something simple for starters, such as relieving a headache, once you have witnessed the benefits, you may find yourself hooked. I started using reflexology therapy a few years ago just for the purpose of relieving the tension headaches I was experiencing due to stress.

Reflexology is fairly simple to perform and even simpler to incorporate into your daily routine, which is important since stress is a part of everyday life.

It is recommended that you use it both on yourself and with members of your family. Making it a family affair can be very beneficial. If everyone feels less stress, there will be more harmony in the family. There are many online guides and diagrams that you can study and practice with. 

Or, if you prefer to have the information at your fingertips, there are many great books you can even get at your local library that will walk you through the process of reflexology treatment.
I would also recommend going to a reflexologist at least once to get a professional treatment.
This way you will feel the techniques first hand. It tends to make learning easier. In the fast paced society that we live in today.

Remember that reflexology is a complementary therapy that should be considered for use alongside conventional medical care and not as an alternative.

I highly recommend that you take a time out for yourself each day. We always seem to be on the go and cut ourselves short of the time we need to recoup.
Set aside a specific time early in the morning or before you go to bed and practice deep breathing and reflexology techniques. Before long you will notice a big difference in how you see life and that you are able to manage the stress of your day so much better.

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