Reflexology And Zone Therapy

Reflexology And Zone Therapy. Reflexology is a type of medical procedure that involves the manipulation of the nerve endings that are located in the feet and the hands in order to achieve relief from symptoms which may occur all over the body.

Reflexology is a practice that is much in line with that of zone therapy; in that respect, weve created this article in order to help to inform you about what zone therapy is and how it can be useful as a medical procedure.

Zone therapy is a practice that has its roots in ancient Egypt. Hieroglyphs have shown that ancient Egyptians were aware that manipulating the hands and the feet can be useful when it comes to achieving an anesthetic quality elsewhere in the body. In zone therapy, the body is divided into ten separate and distinct zones.

A map of zone therapy points shows that the practice separates the human body vertically into five zones on the right side of the body and five zones on the left. The zones are identical on both sides of the body, but are linked with different parts of the body.

These separate zones correspond to different parts of the body, as the nerve endings that are found within the feet and the hands lead to all of the organs inside our bodies. One of the easiest places to manipulate these nerve endings are in the fingers and the toes, where the nerve endings are the most easily accessible to the zone therapy practitioner.

To that end, each of the zones corresponds to certain fingers and toes that can be manipulated in order to achieve certain effects. As an example, the 4th zone on the left side of the body corresponds to the ring finger of the left hand and the fourth toe on the left foot.

Manipulating the nerve endings located in these areas are said to have a positive effect on the brain, eyes, lungs, breasts, large intestines and ovaries. 

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Taking a look at your goals should help you determine which route to take. If you are looking for immediate results for an impending problem, a trained reflexologist may be the way to go. However, I found it more beneficial to learn the techniques myself so that I can help my family and myself whenever I need to for free.

Gentle circular rolling motions are used in order to manipulate the nerves and to achieve the anesthetic result. Pinching is also necessary in certain circumstances in order to properly manipulate the nerve endings. Areas are generally manipulated for between a half of a minute and five minutes in order to achieve the full effect.

One great thing about zone therapy is that it is a type of alternative medicine that you can learn in your own home and use at will. Many people regularly practice zone therapy on themselves in order to keep their health in optimal condition.
Since practitioners contend that zone therapy can be useful when it comes to helping the bodys stress to be released, it can be of great merit when it comes to keeping you in good health and spirits. 

During a reflexology treatment you are likely to feel a sense of well being and become more relaxed.

It is therefore a great way to reduce stress and aches.

Don’t be surprised if you fall asleep!

If you would like to learn more about reflexology or zone therapy, there are plenty of resources online that are at your disposal. You can buy books or DVDs that show you exactly how to get the kind of results that you need out of the practices.

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