Massage For Controlling Pain

Massage For Controlling Pain. There are many kinds of massage techniques that can help you control and alleviate pain in the body. To me, all of which are better options than drugs and surgery.

Deep Tissue Massage: Deep tissue massage is used to release chronic muscular tension. It is applied with greater pressure and on deeper muscles than classic Swedish massage and generally focuses on one problem area.

Esalen Massage: This massage technique is meant to bring on a sense of well-being through deep and beneficial states of consciousness. Esalen massage focuses on the mind and body as a whole. It is hypnotic in nature and uses slow, rhythmic movements to bring about a general state of relaxation.

Neuromuscular Massage: This form of deep tissue massage concentrates on s specific muscle. Through the use of concentrated finger pressure, sensitive trigger points are released and blood flow increases.

Reflexology: Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure in a strategic manner to reflexes of the feet and hands, and even the face and ears. By stimulating nerves on specific areas of the feet and hands, we can stimulate blood flow, enhance circulation and eliminate toxin buildup in the corresponding areas of the body.

Furthermore, reflexology stimulates the lymphatic system and encourages the release of endorphins, the natural feel good hormones that are well documented in relieving the effects of stress. Reflexology is meant to bring your body to a state of well-being. Only in this state is your body able to heal itself.

Reiki: In Japanese, reiki means universal life energy. The practice of reiki promotes a return to health through wholeness. The treatment consists of the health professional gently placing his or her hands on a relaxed body. Your clothes are not removed for a reiki session.

The practitioners hands touch a variety of places, such as the chest, head, abdomen and back to promote energy to flow through the body. Some people experience deep relaxation, while others find it invigorating. It is easy to learn and very powerful.

It is used to relieve stress, empower and heal. Rolfing or Structural Integration This method is based on the belief that function is improved when body parts are properly aligned. Through manipulation of connective tissue linking muscles to bones, the therapist attempts to restore fuller movement, resulting in a balanced body.

This technique applies deep tissue pressure to the muscles of the neck, head, back, pelvis, legs and arms. It is effective for muscle pain, neck tension, back pain, headaches and increasing range of motion.   

Quick Reflexology Fact">foot reflexology chart and therapeutic at the same time. I use reflexology to relieve tension headaches all of the time and it works! If you prefer to try one of the many products on the market today, try the herbal foot detox patches. They are quite affordable and very effective. By simply applying them to your feet at night before bed, you will help detoxify all of your organs at the same time.

Shiatsu: Shiatsu literally means finger pressure in Japanese. It is an Oriental massage technique that focuses on acupressure points to restore and maintain health. Through firm and rhythmic pressures applied to specific points for three to ten seconds. This is supposed to unblock the energy that flows through the acupressure meridians.

Sports Massage: This massage technique uses a combination of kneading, passive stretching, and range of deep-tissue motions. It is designed to ease muscle strain and promote flexibility.

Remember that reflexology is a complementary therapy that should be considered for use alongside conventional medical care and not as an alternative.

Swedish Massage: This technique, developed by Peter Hendricks Ling in the early 1800s, uses kneading, stroking, tapping and shaking to induce the body to relax. Swedish massage also relieves soreness and swelling, as well as promotes recovery after injury.

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