Is Reflexology Really Effective?

Is Reflexology Really Effective? Reflexology is a certain type of alternative treatment that many people choose to undergo in order to help them to feel better from suffering from many different symptoms.

It is quite unique in terms of its methodology; reflexology is often performed by a practitioner who massages certain areas of the feet and the hands in the hopes that a different part of the body will be affected.

Reflexology charts are used in order to determine which areas of the feet and the hands pertain to which parts of the body. Many people wonder about exactly how effective reflexology can be in terms of treating illness, so in this article, well study some research that has been conducted in the past in order to determine if reflexology is a practice that is worthy of your time.

Traditionally, reflexology has been practiced in Asia for centuries. One study that has been conducted in order to weigh the efficiency of reflexology was the China Reflexology Symposium Report, which was composed in 1996.

Over eight thousand separate cases of reflexology treatments were consulted in order to draft the report, and the findings stated that reflexology massage involving the feet was useful almost ninety four percent of the time for treating sixty three different types of disorders.

The report further stated that approximately forty eight percent of all of the cases that were examined resulted in the condition being completely cured by reflexology, while in about forty five percent of the cases, the symptoms were improved but not completely healed.

A separate study, conducted in Britain involved the study of fifteen different women who received half-hour long reflexology treatments for a period of eight weeks.

After the study was completed, it was shown that the women that were test subjects stated that they had noticed physical and emotional improvements in their life, with an increased sense of self esteem and a better sense of concentration.  

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Make sure to drink plenty of water, cut down, or better yet eliminate caffeine, eat a well-balanced diet, exercise and get foot reflexology chart adequate rest. Reflexology will help take care of the stress! Do I have to go to a professional or can I do it myself? Reflexology treatment offers two treatment options: do it yourself or get the assistance of a trained reflexologist.

Many other studies have been conducted across the world, many of which have stated that reflexology has marked benefits for the individuals who are partaking in it.

A study conducted by the American Cancer Society Journal showed that approximately one out of three individuals with cancer underwent reflexology therapy as an alternative form of medicine. 

Studies in Australia and South Africa have shown that reflexology can be a useful methodology for an anesthetic effect when an individual has arthritis, neck or back pain, or headaches.
Other studies have measured reflexologys efficiency when it comes to helping diabetics to reduce their insulin levels as well as blood flow to the feet. 

If in doubt, make sure to choose a reflexologist that is a National Certificant with the American Reflexology Certification Board, although they are likely to charge more, the standards are also likely to be higher.

Or if you are in another country, find your national professional body and ask their advice.

Without a doubt, reflexology has been proven to be useful for many different problems that people can have with their health.
More studies will be conducted in the future as we continue to learn more about this exotic alternative therapy.
If you are thinking about visiting a reflexologist, be sure that you do as much research as possible in order to discover exactly how the therapy can be of benefit to you.

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