Getting Your Reflexology Certification

Getting Your Reflexology Certification. More and more, the world is in need of qualified reflexologists in order to help individuals to feel better without having to pay a visit to a doctor.

To that end, it is important to ensure that the reflexologist that you visit is qualified to be dealing with the problems that you are facing.

In that respect, many reflexologists undergo training in order to become certified reflexologists so that their patients can tell that the quality of care that they are offering is sound.

In this article, well give you a basic idea of how to become a certified reflexologist so that you can begin to understand what the process involves.

In order to become a certified reflexologist, there are a few different steps that you need to take. One is the written exam, which involves three hundred questions that are of the multiple choice or true/false formats.

In order to successfully pass the written portion of the certification process, you will need to answer at least eighty percent of the questions correct. That means that you will have to respond correctly to two hundred and forty of the three hundred questions to pass.

Another key step in the process of becoming a licensed reflexologist involves a practical exam. Practical exams are hands-on types of exams, and the reflexology program involves a thirty minute reflexology session where the certification candidate works on the proctor of the exam.

This test is scored on a level of one to five, with one denoting an excellent score and a five referring to a complete failure. In order to pass the practical exam, candidates are required to score a three, which denotes an average level of performance.

Lastly, in order to become a certified reflexologist, you need to have documented some sessions of reflexology that you have performed on your own. You will be required to submit thirty sets of documentation, all of which pertain to three separate reflexology sessions with a particular individual.

Quick Reflexology Fact

Not only are well-known healing oils and tree extracts used in these patches, but there are no side effects, making them a very popular choice. If you are really serious about detoxification, and you should be, I would recommend that you not only learn the reflexology techniques, but you use them on a regular basis. Use it as a first line of defense.

This section of the test is graded as a pass/fail type of test, so it is important to ensure that your documentation complies with the needs of the American Reflexology Certification Board. If you are working on your documentation, and you want to get a better idea of what proper documentation looks like, you may want to pay a visit to the boards website at

Without a doubt, it can be difficult to become certified in reflexology.  

However, it is important that the test is an all-encompassing inventory of your skills, as it helps to keep reflexology as a respectable type of treatment by keeping professionalism at a high rate. Although most states do not require reflexology certifications in order to practice the treatment, having your certification can make the difference between whether or not a prospective client will become a regular customer.

One theory that tries to explain how reflexology works claims that the massage of the sole of the foot releases endorphins which is a natural pain killer and promotes a sense of well being naturally and that it is the extra flow of this hormone that makes us feel better.

The certification exam encompasses many of the aspects of reflexology as a business, and can be immensely helpful. To that end, if you are considering reflexology as a career, you should make getting certified a high priority. Best of luck!

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