Getting A Reflexology Education In The US

Getting A Reflexology Education In The US. These days, the alternative treatment known as reflexology is becoming more and more popular!

With that in mind, many people are training as reflexologists in order to perform the practice in order to make a living. In this article, well give you a brief overview of some different schools across the United States that offer reflexology programs so that you can get a good idea of some of the options of where you can receive the top reflexology training.

One place that is quite popular when it comes to learning the art of reflexology in the southwest United States is the Asiam Healing Arts school.

Run by a woman named Susan Warren, a nationally certified reflexologist, the school teaches several different methods of performing reflexology in order to give the students a vast range of skills in their repertoire. Over sixty different types of reflexology techniques are taught during the courses, which cost six hundred dollars plus a thirty dollar fee for the book of course work.

There are two separate levels of classes that one could sign up for, and the thirty hour classes can help you to work towards becoming certified in reflexology.

The full certification program incorporates thirty hours of level one study and thirty hours of level two study, and it has an additional requirement of eighty documented treatments consisting of an hour a piece.

To that end, you can work towards becoming certified in only two hundred hours, a significant time investment but one that could be well worth your while.

Another popular choice for learning how to perform reflexology in the United States is the Sole to Soul International Clinic, located in San Diego, California.   

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The program that is taught at the clinic consists of one hundred and ten hours of class time coupled with ninety hours of documentation. In addition to learning about the science and the performance aspects of reflexology, students are also taught business ethics that can help them to succeed with their professional reflexology careers.

At the end of the curriculum, students are encouraged to take the American Reflexology Certification Board exam in order to become fully licensed in the art. 

The clinic also offers more laid-back training for massage therapists who want to increase their repertoire of skills, with fourteen-hour workshops taking place over the course of a weekend.
Consequently, people who are just interested in learning how to do some simple home reflexology in order to help to relieve stress can find instruction in four hour workshops offered by the clinic.

A long term benefit of reflexology comes from its ability to reduce stress.

Regular relaxation reduces stress levels and with it helps the immune system restore itself faster.

These two schools are pretty typical of the types of training that you can receive in America when looking to learn about reflexology. There are plenty of qualified schools across the nation that can teach you how to use reflexology as a therapy and a way of making money.
Online courses are also often available that can help to prepare you for the board certification exams if you find yourself outside of the range of a reflexology school.

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