FAQs About Reflexology (Part 2)

FAQs About Reflexology (Part 2). Reflexology is a type of alternative, complementary medicine that many people have heard of but few really understand.

In this article, well help you to increase your understanding of the topic of reflexology so that you can better realize whether or not the types of benefits that the treatment can offer are the right solution for you.

We will address some of the more commonly asked questions about the reflexology procedure so that you will know what to expect should you decide to visit a reflexology practitioner.

Question: What types of symptoms is reflexology the most helpful for?

Answer: Many people find that reflexology can be a great relief when it comes to lessening the stress levels that they are feeling. Since there are a full seven thousand and two hundred nerves located in the feet alone, manipulating these nerves can be helpful when it comes to interrupting stress systems in the body, therefore making the patient feel much more relaxed and yet energetic.

While stress relief is one of the principle reasons for why an individual may turn to reflexology, people also claim that it can be helpful when it comes to curbing feelings of anxiety, PMS, and even migraine headaches. As a complementary therapy to western medicine, reflexology can be quite helpful in putting the body, as well as the mind, at ease.

Question: How often do I need to visit a reflexologist in order to receive the fullest benefits?

Answer: While you can experience positive effects after just one session of reflexology, many experts from China agree that in order to achieve the best possible results, one should engage in reflexology once per day for six days. After two weeks, the patients progress should be measured, and at that point, another two weeks of therapy may be recommended. The standard reflexology session tends to last around thirty minutes to an hour, and typically requires only the removal of the shoes and socks, although some massage therapists choose to incorporate reflexology into a traditional chair massage.  

Quick Reflexology Fact

It is an effective remedy that is cheap to use and has no side effects, which is very important to most expectant mothers. However, there are many more natural remedies that you can use not only to ease the stomach, but also to ensure a smooth, faster labor. Yes, it is true, say hello to reflexology. Did you know that only ten sessions of reflexology could actually help get you in and out of labor much faster?

Question: Where can I find a reflexologist?

Answer: There are plenty of reflexology practitioners located across the United States and abroad. Many hospitals are now offering reflexology treatments, and insurance companies are even beginning to cover the treatment.

To that end, you may want to speak to your family doctor in order to ask their professional opinion on where you should turn for reflexology therapy. 

In this article, weve addressed the types of problems that reflexology can treat, as well as giving you advice on how exactly you should find a reflexologist that is qualified in your area and the length of time that is generally required in order to reap the full benefits of the complementary therapy.

Far Eastern cultures have been using alternative treatments for thousands of years and still do so today.

Even the most technically advanced countries such as China and Japan, appreciate the effectiveness and simplicity of natural medicine.

So why not try a form of therapy that is effective, yet has no side affects?

However, with so many products on the market begging for a sale, where do you begin?

Maybe it is time to introduce you to reflexology.

Hopefully, this increased understanding will be helpful when it comes to deciding whether or not you are in need of a reflexology session program. As with any type of therapy, it pays to do your research, so learn all that you can about reflexology before making a decision on whether or not it is right for you.

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