Can My Child Be Treated With Reflexology?

Can My Child Be Treated With Reflexology? Hyperactivity, Attention Deficit Disorder and Depression are the most common childhood ailments among children today.

Moreover, prescriptions for anti-depressants for kids are commonplace. What doesnt make sense to me is that mental and emotional problems have always existed.

What did our ancestors do when they felt depressed? I will tell you one thing, it wasnt at all what we do today. In our society today, one that relies heavily on chemically laden prescription drugs, psychotherapy and surgical procedures to heal the sick, there has never been a better time to look into treatment alternatives.

If you have children with behavioral problems, or children that tend to catch a new cold each time the wind blows, it may be time for you to look at reflexology as an alternative or supplemental treatment.

Reflexology is a form of treatment started by the ancient Chinese in centuries past. It was found that by stimulating specific areas of the feet and hands, you could not only bring healing to the body, but could cleanse the body of common toxic substances and even parasites.

Reflexology was brought to the West in the early 1900s and has been proven to be a very successful therapy for most sicknesses and diseases. So why should this technique be used on children?

It is of course, because it works. However, one of the biggest reasons that reflexology is so beneficial to children is that they have not yet been programmed to societies way of handling sickness.  

Quick Reflexology Fact

Reflexology foot reflexology chart is not only effective for self-healing, but has made it's mark as an effective detoxification procedure as well. And maybe most importantly in today's society, it is free, depending on which therapy you use and very convenient. Yes, unlike our current healthcare system, reflexology therapy is available to everyone!

When the mind is more receptive and does not contain the boundaries that many adults have, it is understood that the body works more effectively and efficiently.

If you are curious as to what types of problem reflexology can alleviate in children, here is a list I have compiled. Keep in mind that it is just a sample list and in no way represents everything that reflexology can benefit. A Note about Ear Infections:

There are many ways to cure an ear infection without the use of antibiotics; one of those methods is reflexology.

In my opinion, antibiotics are prescribed way too much. I have cured my own kids ear infections quickly and easily. In fact, I even wowed my doctor a few times.
Teething pain, Asthma, Colic,There is documented studies that proved reflexology could virtually eliminate the symptoms associated with colic, Allergies, and Childhood eczema.
Stress:  Reflexology is known for the relaxation factor. 

One theory that tries to explain how reflexology works claims that the massage of the sole of the foot releases endorphins which is a natural pain killer and promotes a sense of well being naturally and that it is the extra flow of this hormone that makes us feel better.

If you have suffered from a stressful day at work, one of the best things you can do for your body is have a reflexology treatment.
Sports related injuries, Respiratory infections, Depression, and other emotional problems, Hyperactivity & auditory problems, Learning and concentration challenges, Acne, and psoriasis.
I recommend making reflexology treatment a part of family time. Make it something that the children look forward to and enjoy.
Create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in a room they enjoy spending time in, you will find it goes much more smoothly this way.

Reflexology Facts Today

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