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Your Health And Reasons To Stop Smoking

Your Health And Reasons To Stop Smoking. When trying to convince yourself to quit smoking perhaps it would be wise to try to think of the medical issues that you might have to deal with because you smoke.

So many people think it will never happen to them, but the reality is that it could and lung cancer is only one of the medical side effects of smoking that you have to consider.

Studies have shown that cigarette smoking may cause or at least influence many more health problems than previously thought.

A recent study showed that seniors are five times more likely to decline mentally if they are smokers than if they were not. The facts showed that the brain appears to be harmed more by cigarette smoking than once thought.

It is believed to influence an earlier onset of Alzheimers disease for those who are regular smokers. It further causes injury to the arteries while increasing the risk of blood clots and stroke.

Losing ones faculties as one ages is a scary enough prospect without doing something to help it along. For younger women there is an even bigger concern.

Smokers who are planning to start a family should think again about smoking during a pregnancy. Firstly, smokers are known to have smaller babies. Smaller babies have more difficulty during labor since they are often weaker.   

How To Quit Smoking Weed

Cravings are a necessary evil and they are understandably difficult to overcome, otherwise it would be so easy for everyone to defeat them. Constantly update your plan so that you make note of any new triggers One important tool for success is to build around you a wall of support: family, friends, even co-workers can help you to get over a rough patch. Let your healthcare provider know if you are encountering difficulty as sometimes you can receive something to keep you informed and motivated.
Quit Smoking Patch

So you are doing your child no favors by smoking while pregnant. But that is not all.

Studies have shown that mothers who smoke who have small babies are more likely to lose their child to sudden infant death syndrome, also called SIDS, than those who do not smoke.

Some studies claim that babies of smoking mothers are twice as likely to succumb to SIDS.

There are more problems for babies who have parents who smoke. Colic is a problem experienced by as many as twenty eight percent of all babies born in the United States. Anyone who has had a baby with this problem will recall how terribly uncomfortable the symptoms are for the baby.

They become extremely irritable, cry for what appears to be no reason; they pull their legs up and seem to be screaming in pain. This can begin at around a month and continue for two or three months until disappearing itself. Cigarette smoking can make this worse.

Over thirty studies have tied it in to at least one cause of colic in infants. It seems to cause the levels of motilin, a hormone in the stomach the can affect contractions of the stomach and intestines, to become way too high. 

This therefore affects how the food passes through the babys system. These higher levels are definitely tied to colic.

Quick Facts About How To Quit Smoking.

The purpose of a cigarette: To fill the void it created when you became an ex-non-smoker.

To recreate the feeling of being a non-smoker.

How stupid is that just stop and you get the same feeling for free!

As well, more smokers snore with studies showing at least twenty four percent who currently smoke and twenty percent of those who used to smoke.

This can be a problem for the smoker, who will sleep less restfully as well as their partner who will be interrupted by the snoring.

Your health and the health of those around you are good reasons to quit smoking.


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