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Your Body Will Begin Healing As Soon As You Quit Smoking

Your Body Will Begin Healing As Soon As You Quit Smoking, The human body has an amazing ability to heal itself even when it has received years of abuse from nicotine.

You will notice some immediate signs of healing, some short term effects and then some long term benefits will become evident the longer you are smoke free.

The American Cancer Society has some excellent information concerning the health benefits you will receive after you quit smoking. They are one excellent source for those who have quit smoking or are thinking of quitting.

There is a timeline of the estimated expected benefits from the average person who is on the "quit smoking path". Healing times will vary depending on how healthy you are and how long you had been smoking.

The good news is that everyone is healthier once they have stopped smoking. So it can only get better from that last cigarette forward.

You will start to feel your first signs of healing just less than 30 minutes from your very last drag. You may notice your pulse rate becoming more stabilized, and your blood pressure return to a more normal range.

The temperature in your hands and feet will increase as your circulation improves.

Eight hours after your last cigarette the carbon monoxide level in your blood will drop because more oxygen will be carried through your blood.

Other people may start to notice that your breath is not quite as bad as it usually is. Some of the long-term benefits will start to kick in after 24 hours.

Now you will have a better chance of surviving a heart attack and also preventing one too. Now all the extra carbon monoxide should have left your body.

You should notice an obvious increase in your sense of smell and taste once you hit 48 hours.   

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How does a smoker maintain the determination and motivation to quit? The motivation is a known element because it is what brought you to this point. It may be that you just watched your best friend die of lung cancer, or you may have seen a movie depicting what the lungs of a smoker looks like, or you may have made the decision to become pregnant and wish to be smoke-free for the new life that will soon be inside of you.
How To Stop Smoking Pot

This is the time that you will begin to notice that mucus and toxic debris will start to be cleared from your lungs.

This stage may not be pleasant, but it does mean that your lungs are working to rid themselves of all the toxic pollutants that have been gathering there during your smoking time.

Despite the amount of mucus being brought out of your lungs, you will notice that you are breathing easier.

Now your nerve endings that were damaged due to the smoking will begin to regenerate. Your bronchial tubes will be more relaxed and less constricted after only 72 hours of not smoking.

The blood clotting agents will start to return to normal levels and your risk of thrombosis will begin to be reduced.

You will gain approximately 30% more lung capacity within a period of 2 to 3 weeks of quitting smoking, and you should at this time find it much easier to partake in exercise activity.

Quick Facts About How To Quit Smoking.

Quitting does not mean that you will stop thinking about smoking, far from it!

If something has been a huge part of your life for such a long time, it's only natural that you will think about it.

Just make sure to remember that you made the right decision when you decided to stop!

You should notice a noticeable cessation of symptoms of smoking (coughing, wheezing, sinus congestion, or shortness of breath).

The associated fatigue that sets in as a result of these symptoms will also subside. Another way your lungs heal is in the way that the tiny microscopic, hair like cilia will start to re-grow and again have the ability to clean air as they filter out impurities and clear out the mucus.

The cilia help to reduce your chance of infection in areas like your sinuses.


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