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Your Arsenal of Tips to Help you to Quit Smoking Part II

Your Arsenal of Tips to Help you to Quit Smoking Part II Design a quit smoking plan that is realistic. If you are a heavy smoker, it may not be realistic to quit cold-turkey. Ask you medical professional for advice on the best method for you to quit smoking. Methods that work for one person may not be ideal for another. Take into consideration your lifestyle, work environment, the stress in your life and come up with a plan that will be tailored to your lifestyle and allow you the greatest chance of success. Some have found that they best way for them to quit, is cold-turkey and it may be for you too. Understanding your needs and your environment, including your support system can help you to design the best method for success. Make a dental appointment to have your teeth cleaned just before you kick in your plan so that your teeth will be really clean. This will be one more incentive to quit smoking. Set milestones along your plan to quit smoking so that you can celebrate each step in reaching your goal. Make each reward bigger than the one before. Choose intervals such as 2 weeks, one month, 3 months, 6 months and then reward yourself with a smoke-free party at your one year anniversary. It is important to drink lots of water while you are working your plan to quit smoking. The water helps to flush the nicotine and other chemicals out of your body. Water also helps to reduce cravings for oral satisfaction that may arise during this period of time. Know ahead of time what situations or events are "triggers" for your smoking and make plans to avoid them during the first several weeks until you can learn new ways of coping with these situations and events. As an example some people smoke while eating out with friends. During the first few weeks of your plan, meet your friends for a movie, or a golf outing instead of dining out with them. If you are used to going to a bar following work and that is where you usually smoke a lot, change your plans and do something different but just as fun after work where you know you will not be tempted to smoke. Discover other things you can hold or place in your mouth that will replace the cigarette (gum, hard candy, toothpick). Keep a journal of all you go through as you complete your plan to quit smoking. Start the journal as soon as you can from the time you decide to quit smoking, through the planning stage and then as you go through the process of quitting. This journal will be a testament to your strength and success. You can write messages to yourself during your weak times and your strong moments, your greatest trials and your triumphs. The journal can be very useful in your next goal-oriented endeavor. Find others who are also trying to quit smoking and form a support/buddy group. You can meet on a regular basis to talk about how it is going or you can exchange phone numbers and call each other when you need encouragement or to share the victories with.

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There are many, many different motivators and every smoker will have a different motivator or perhaps more than one motivator. The best way to maintain your determination is to keep that motivator or motivators in front of you at all times. Make the motivator tangible.
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Your Arsenal of Tips to Help you to Quit Smoking
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