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You Are in a World of Smokers and Trying to Quit

You Are in a World of Smokers and Trying to Quit If you have made the decision to quit smoking, you know how difficult it will be to do this if all your friends and co-workers smoke. You will be surrounded by the sights and smells of cigarettes while trying to kick the habit. This temptation will compound the difficulty of the task and you will need to have a will of steel to withstand the pressure. You say you are not superman? Then, your ability to succeed in a world of smokers may take a miracle, or you may just need some very good support tips. Here are a few trusted tips for helping those trying to quit smoking to deal with a smoking environment. The first hurdle you will need to clear is the one where those who smoke will not be happy that you are trying to quit. They may even discourage you or try to persuade you that you are better off lighting up along with them. You will need some powerful motivation to stop or they will easily knock you off your goal. One way to overcome this hurdle is to form a new positive non-smoking group to become involved in so that you will have a equal if not stronger force to counteract the smokers influence. Do not expect your smoking friends to join you in your goal to be smokeless. Chances are you will be lonely in your quest. Make certain that when you announce to smokers that you are quitting that you do so in a firm way that emphasizes that you are doing so for you and don't for anyone else. Invite them to join you, if you wish, but make sure they understand that you are inviting them to quit only if they themselves can value doing so for their own reason. Ask the smokers who are going to continue to smoke around you, if they would please respect your wish to quit by giving you positive support instead of negative feedback or worse yet discouragement. Make sure that you can avoid their smoking area if possible so you can avoid any temptations. You may need to create different activities to do with your friends if the usual ones were activities where you are tempted to smoke. There is plenty of healthy non-smoke allowed activities that you can participate in. Outdoor activities, sporting events and family type activities are all good things to do where smoking should not be allowed. If your workplace is one in which smoking is allowed there are a few things you can do to help while you are going through the process of quitting: * Ask for an area to work that is a non-smoking area * Ask for an air-filter system if you have to work in a smoke-filled environment so that the smell of cigarettes can be reduced. * Ask your supervisor to make your office a non-smoking area. It may be important for you to let your past smoking friends know that you still are interested in remaining friends with them, just not smoking-buddies. Discover new ways to interact and maintain the friendships away from the usual smoking haunts. It is especially important to try to remain on friendly terms with smoking co-workers because you will see them frequently and need to discuss work-related issues. Your quitting smoking should not interfere with your ability to function at work. Ask for them to respect your decision, but try to keep it friendly.

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Whatever the reason, the timing is usually in a way that prevents the smoker from putting much thought or planning into the act of quitting. To succeed the smoker either needs to be able to stay focused on the motivator or to have a constant reminder of the motivation to quit. A pregnant mom can tape the ultrasound picture on her refrigerator or bedroom mirror as a reminder of the life growing inside of her that needs her to quit smoking.
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