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Why should you Quit Smoking Cigars

Why should you Quit Smoking Cigars? Cigarettes are not the only tobacco product that is harmful to your health. Cigar smoking is just as bad and those who smoke them should consider quitting for their health. Many cigar smokers believe that since they do not smoke as many of them daily as they would if they smoked cigarettes that they are okay to enjoy. But this is a myth. Cigar smoking is not only as much of a health risk, it might be more. One single cigar, depending on the type, contains as much tobacco as entire package of cigarettes. The average smoker smokes fourteen cigarettes daily. Yet, smoking one cigar can mean that the smoker gets more tobacco and the unhealthy ingredients in it, than the average smoker. For those who think that cigars are not addictive they should compare the amounts of nicotine found in a cigar to that in a cigarette. The average cigarette has only eight milligrams of nicotine while a cigar usually has no less than one hundred milligrams and can have anywhere from two to four hundred milligrams of nicotine. As well, the way a cigar is made it has in it more alkaline. This allows for more absorption of the nicotine making it that much easier for the smoker to become addicted to their cigar habit. Most cigar smokers think that their habit is a healthier one because a larger portion of them are only periodic smokers. But, twenty five percent of cigar smokers are regular smokers and for those who enjoy their cigars regularly they should realize that even one cigar a day increases the chances of a variety of cancers including mouth, throat and lung cancers. The increased oral cancers are caused by the fact that most cigar smokers do not inhale. Therefore the smoke sits in the mouth longer. Those who enjoy up to two cigars daily double their risk factor, but those who smoke as many as four cigars daily increase the risk by eight times for oral cancers. Oddly those who smoke cigars are at a higher risk of early tooth loss. Another side effect of cigar smoking is a loss of function in the bedroom. This is often linked to the havoc that cigar smoking plays with a mans hormonal system, his circulation and nervous system. Impotence is a very real possibility for cigar smokers. .Cigar smokers are also more likely to have to live with heart disease, chronic bronchitis and risk emphysema. Although the risk is slightly lower than a cigarette smoker because the cigar smoke is not inhaled it is still nearly fifty percent higher than the risks to a non-smoker. Too many men who smoke cigars believe that the fact that they do not inhale protects them from harms way. They must realize that the health risks are very real and the secondhand smoke issues also put those at risk around them for diseases they do not deserve to be exposed to. If you are a cigar smoker quitting is the best thing you can do for your health.

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Whatever the reason, the timing is usually in a way that prevents the smoker from putting much thought or planning into the act of quitting. To succeed the smoker either needs to be able to stay focused on the motivator or to have a constant reminder of the motivation to quit. A pregnant mom can tape the ultrasound picture on her refrigerator or bedroom mirror as a reminder of the life growing inside of her that needs her to quit smoking.
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