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What it Takes to Quit Smoking

What it Takes to Quit Smoking There comes a time in the life of a smoker when a realization hits that perhaps it is best to quit. This may come at the urging of a spouse, doctor, friend or even a child. The pleading and requests of well-meaning individuals is never enough to bring you to this point. It is a personal place that a smoker arrives at when they make the realization that it is the right decision for them to quit. The decision may be influenced by health issues, or money concerns, or for appearances sake. Smoking does cause your skin to age prematurely and who wants wrinkles! Smoking also stains your teeth and makes them unsightly. The unmistakable smell of a smoker may also be a factor in the decision to quit. Any or some or even all of these may factor into your decision to quit. Once at this point the next step is to realize all that will be involved in the process of quitting. There will be some discomfort involved. Nicotine is after all habit-forming. To break any habit, sacrifice and pain is expected. There are cravings to deal with during the quitting process. All smokers are aware of what cravings are as they experience them whenever they are out of cigarettes and have to wait to have one. Sometimes cravings hit because of being in a public place or other situation where smoking is not allowed. There is nothing worse to a smoker, than being in a situation where smoking is banned and they really need to have a smoke. When the decision to quit is made, the very next craving will be one that you have to say no to. Saying no and meaning it will be really tough. You will need to be prepared for just how tough it will be to quit. Your determination and motivation to quit will need to be stronger than your desire to satisfy that craving. How does a smoker maintain the determination and motivation to quit? The motivation is a known element because it is what brought you to this point. It may be that you just watched your best friend die of lung cancer, or you may have seen a movie depicting what the lungs of a smoker looks like, or you may have made the decision to become pregnant and wish to be smoke-free for the new life that will soon be inside of you. There are many, many different motivators and every smoker will have a different motivator or perhaps more than one motivator. The best way to maintain your determination is to keep that motivator or motivators in front of you at all times. Make the motivator tangible. If you are motivated by your best friends death, keep a picture of your best friend with you at all times. If your motivator is the idea of what your lungs must look like find a picture of the lungs of a smoker and photocopy it if possible and tape the picture up where you will see it often during the day and at night. If your motivator is your unborn child and you are able to have an ultrasound done, keep a print from the ultrasound in your purse and refer to it whenever you need to be strong against cravings.

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These benefits are: Easier breathing More energy Better endurance More confidence More money to spend Clothing loses that awful smell Self-confidence and self-esteem return Exercise becomes easier Coughing subsides Eating habits improve because cigarettes used to replace healthy foods The sence of smell returns Your complexion may improve The heart muscle may feel more relaxed and more efficient You may experience less heartburn or indigestion You may also gain more respect for yourself Your vehicle and home will smell better Your teeth will start to look whiter Your thinking patterns should improve You won't experience guilt over exposing family, friends, loved ones and others to secondhand smoke anymore. It is important to discuss all options with your healthcare provider and to weight all facts, side effects and risks with your provider before deciding on a course of action.
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