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Use Chat Rooms to Help You Quit Smoking

Use Chat Rooms to Help You Quit Smoking Health care providers and those who study smoking will tell you that one of the most important things a smoker needs when they are about to quit is a support team to help them get through those most difficult first few weeks. This is the worst time for a smoker and they need encouragement, a shoulder to lean on and someone who understands why they are no longer as easy going and relaxed. Many smokers become irritable, confrontational and depressed during the early period after quitting. They need to be able to rely on others to help them, understand their moods and listen to them express their frustration and fears about quitting. This is great for people who have friends, co-workers and faintly to talk to, but not everyone does. As well, even those who have lots of people they are close to find it difficult to discuss their personal issues, even when its just smoking. For those who need to reach out but find it difficult they can turn to chat rooms to talk to others with the same issues. There are many of these on the internet. They offer different things depending on what you are looking for. Some of them are hosted by doctors who will be there to answer questions and give advice. These rooms are a little different but they do feel a need. Sometimes being anonymous gives the smoker the confidence to ask questions they think their own health care providers will find odd or useless. So these rooms with doctors are quite popular. Most quit smoking chat rooms are filled with other smokers who are thinking about quitting, in the middle of it or who have kicked the habit but need to keep in touch with others to help them stay strong. Or maybe they just want to help. These rooms are the places that most smokers go to talk. Topics are open as long as they are directly related to quitting. People here can discuss things that have worked for them, how to avoid weight gain, or compare methods. For someone just thinking about smoking they may get some good advice on methods to use. They will get the opinions of others who have tried the patch, inhalers, sprays, medications or just going cold turkey. This kind of talk can help the smoker looking to quit see that it is not hopeless, that there are many things that can be done and that lots of others who are just like them. That last point can be a big step in quitting. Knowing that there are others going through the same issues, dealing with the same problems and concerns, can give added strength to a smoker who felt all alone because none of their friends are quitting. Many of the chat rooms also have bulletin board areas where you can go off to discuss specific issues instead of spending time in a generalized chat room. All of them are open twenty four hours seven days a week which means that anytime you need to talk there should be someone waiting to chat.

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Now your nerve endings that were damaged due to the smoking will begin to regenerate. Your bronchial tubes will be more relaxed and less constricted after only 72 hours of not smoking. The blood clotting agents will start to return to normal levels and your risk of thrombosis will begin to be reduced. You will gain approximately 30% more lung capacity within a period of 2 to 3 weeks of quitting and you should at this time find it much easier to partake in exercise activity.
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