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The Tools You Need To Stop Smoking

The Tools You Need To Stop Smoking. Many people tell stories of how they tried to quit smoking. Many have tried and failed only to start smoking again.

The nicotine in cigarettes is habit forming and the more you smoke and the longer you smoke the more you feel like you can't do anything without a cigarette in your hand.

Even when you badly want to stop smoking, the need for nicotine drives you back and keeps you in slavery to that puff of smoke.

The habit drags you down mentally and can drain you physically, it can even make you deathly ill; yet thousands quit for good worldwide every year. How do they successfully quit? What tools do they use that allows them to do what others cannot?

Here are a few of the tools that successful past smokers have used to kick the habit. Tools: Have a plan. The plan should state that you are going to quit smoking starting at a certain date and that you will be tobacco free by another date.

The plan should outline what you will do to avoid situations where smoking will be a temptation. The plan should list support groups and persons whom you can turn to when you need help getting past a rough spot. The plan should outline all the behaviors and situations where you are the most tempted to smoke and how you plan on avoiding or overcoming these situations.

Consult with your medical professional so that your current health can be assessed and a exercise plan can be devised that will support your efforts to quit smoking. Any patches or nicotine inhalers that may be helpful to you can be obtained through information gathered from your medical professional.

Speak with all of your smoking buddies and explain to them about your plans to quit smoking and ask for their support. Do not be surprised if not all of them will be able to support you in your efforts to quit smoking.

Let family, friends and co-workers know about your plan to quit smoking so that they can be supportive in your efforts. It may surprise you that life can be so much easier when you are surrounded by positive influences that can uplift you and give you support.

Even if you do not know of such persons at first, you can always find a support group if you ask your medical professional, community center or local church to direct you to groups that can help those who have decided to quit smoking. .  

Stop Smoking Cigarettes

This system allows your system to get used to the decreased levels of nicotine and you won't experience severe withdrawal symptoms. A good rule of thumb is to introduce a new brand of lower nicotine every 3 weeks. Start with a brand that is 30% less nicotine, than 3 weeks later switch to a brand that is 60% less and then 3 weeks later you switch to a brand that is 90% less nicotine and then you should be able to come off. Another popular approach to dealing with addiction from smoking is to you the "relapse prevention" method. This is a method that requires that the smoker be able to identify what triggers their smoking urges (situations, events, people or emotions).
The Easy Way To Quit Smoking

Education is one powerful tool. Equipped with information about what happens physically, mentally and emotionally to a person who is withdrawing from nicotine can be very useful to you.

Knowing what to expect is half the battle because you can then prepare yourself and overcome any obstacle.

Seize the control that is available for you to seize today.

Don't worry about tomorrow or next month or next year. Concentrate on achieving your goals for today 

They can be as simple as making it through breakfast without a cigarette, avoiding the cigarette machine at work, getting up and walking away from the lunch table when others finish up their meals and get out the packs and light up.

Take each tempting moment one at a time and have a plan for how you will get through each of them and when they present themselves use your plan and conquer each moment, for just that day.

Congratulate yourself as you climb into bed and get a good night rest.

Quick Facts About How To Quit Smoking.

Do you envy someone who has a terminal illness or someone who is incarcerated?

So why on earth would you envy people that are trapped by cigarettes?

It is normal to feel envy of someone who is able to do what you used to do, but now you have your freedom and they don't just remember that whenever the feeling surfaces.

Think about tomorrow and what will be when tomorrow gets here. Fight the battles you can win today and leave the war for your tomorrows. Have an attitude for gratitude for all the positive things that will come from your not smoking.

Keep your mind focused on the positive and see yourself winning each battle as they present themselves.


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