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Talk Yourself Into Quitting Guide

Talk Yourself Into Quitting Guide This is a guide that will help you to make that decision to quit smoking. The first thing you have to do is to decide that you want to quit. Make a list of all the reason you have to quit. Everyone's list is different. Some very good reasons to quit are: * Save money on groceries when you do not have to purchase cigarettes. * Being able to do something else instead of standing around smoking and talking. * Not coughing or being out of breath; during mild exercises. * Being a hero to your kids and setting a good example for them to follow. Now that you have your reasons to quit list, you need to keep the list where you will see it each day. Some good places are: where you used to keep your cigarettes, in your purse or wallet, in the kitchen, by your bed, and also in your vehicle. All of these places where you used to keep your cigarettes you will now reach to find your list there, reminding you of why you need to quit smoking. Read books from the library or Websites online where they talk about the many diseases smokers are at risk for because they choose to smoke. Read carefully and look at the pictures if any of how old people look when they age prematurely from smoking. These pictures will haunt you until you decide to stop hurting and start helping yourself to a better life. Visit a hospital and take a good luck at those patients who are suffering from lung cancer or have difficulty breathing. That could be you, the smoker. Think of all the people who love you and would miss you if you died prematurely due to any of the illnesses known to be at risk for due to smoking. Smoking can have an effect on many aspects of your life from influencing whom your friends are, to the ability to conceive, to having beautiful skin or premature wrinkles. Check out a support group for those who have decided to quit smoking. There you will find many reasons for each of the individuals who frequent there. They knew the devastating facts and then know how best to cope with them; or at least what works with them. Your healthcare professional is an excellent source of not only current information about quitting smoking. He understands your body and can show you evidence of the devastation you are risking for continuing to smoke. Quitting is a personal choice and should involve a lot of research and planning. This writing guide can serve as your personal coaching to developing ability to come to terms with this. Just remember that what ever you decide the people who love you, will always love and respect your deciosn.

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The tide is beginning to turn and people are becoming more health conscience. It is becoming more fashionable to exercise, and to eat well balanced nutritious meals. Studies have even shown that smoking can have an adverse effect on fertility. So, for the majority of smokers the incentives to quit smoking are health, monetary, cosmetic, economic, or out of love for others effected by their smoking.
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