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Success Tips for Quitting Smoking

Success Tips for Quitting Smoking There are some tried and true tips that have been found helpful to pass around. The first week or two of quitting is intense, and will put you through the ringer. You will need to be well prepared. Here are some tips to help you ease some of the difficulties you will be facing. Managing the Nicotine withdrawals: Make no mistake about it cigarette-smoking leads to nicotine addiction. When you quit smoking, you will experience nicotine withdrawal. The cravings will be intense and you will need to have extreme will power to overcome them and not give in to having a cigarette. There are a few tips that other quitters before you have used and been successful at: Using nicotine patches Using nicotine inhalers Having gum, hard candy, toothpicks on hand Educate yourself about what to expect before your start date, so that you can be well prepared with distractions. Gather a support group made up of family, friends and co-workers who can be positive and uplifting of you during your first few days, especially. If you are not already in a exercise program, ask the advice of your healthcare professional. Physically exerting yourself is one way to keep your mind off the cigarettes. Remember that, the cigarette is not your friend and will trip you up if it can. Stay clear of all things that remind you of them. Ask for help when dealing with cravings. There are many educational programs set up to assist you in becoming aware of what nicotine can do to your body. Addressing the issues can help to bring home many of the ideas discussed in the educational programs. Keep a file of pictures depicting all the things that tobacco does to our aging bodies. Re-examine those pictures each time you feel that the cravings are getting the better of you. Health magazines are good sources of articles and illustrations of the consequences of smoking. There is no need to go it alone. Enlist the support of family members, friends and even co-workers to assist you in staying strong when cravings start to get the better of you. There are other support groups set up by community or medical organizations. there are quite a few Websites devoted to supporting those who are going through nicotine withdrawal. There are even forums where persons can gather from all over the world to discuss their battles with smoking. Seeking advice from others who have been there and have survived will be of great help because they can share what worked for them and help you to stay strong. It takes time to undo years of conditioning. Give yourself a break. Listen to your body and watch for signals that you may be weakening. Don't be afraid to admit to weakness. Only when you admit your weaknesses can others step in and offer their assistance. Be an advocate for smokers in work environments to create a smoke-free rest room, or other place like a break-room where you can go to de-stress or have some quiet time to regroup without being subjected to those who are continuing to smoke.

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Reasons to Quit Smoking Usually the reasons to quit smoking are personal but there are some that seem to be universal and some pretty darn good reasons to make that commitment to quit. Here is a list to help you with making your own list of reasons to quit smoking. Those who have smoked for more than 15 years can honestly say that they can "feel" several reasons to quit and they are all health related. They may include: Feeling a pressure or heaviness in your chest when you wake Having a consistent morning cough The absence of a once beautiful or rich singing voice Experiencing breathlessness when talking or reading out loud An unpleasant irritation in your mouth General fatigue Headaches Getting those cigarette hangovers from spending an all-nighter Knowing that if you want to exercise at all each day, it had better be in the morning before you inhale all that smoke. Sleep deprivation from hacking and coughing or waking with that tickle in your throat. The presence of smoke filled rooms can create a barrier that separates you from those you love.
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