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Smoking Bans Make Quitting Smoking the Right Next Step

Smoking Bans Make Quitting Smoking the Right Next Step The trends are changing when it comes to smoking and so it is time for smokers to change with it. Americans do not want to breathe in secondhand smoke anymore. They do not want to get into cabs that smell, eat their foods in restaurants where the smoke lingers over their heads or sit at a desk all day when their co-worker smokes while they are trying to get their job done. Americans are saying no to smoking, both their own and that of others, more than ever before. One of the ways that this is happening is by smoking laws that are there to protect those who choose not to smoke. On average seventy percent of the United States works in an atmosphere protected against the smoking habits of their co-workers. If they want to smoke they must go outside, no matter the weather, and enjoy their cigarettes there. Although different states have different laws concerning smoking, the non-smokers are winning the battle for their right to clean air in the workplace in most states. Except in the cases where unions prevent action employers are permitted to make their workplaces smoke free or at least smoke restricted. Smoking bans continue to improve the world for the non-smoker. In most cases people cannot smoke in hospitals, government buildings, schools and theatres. In nearly twenty states people are not allowed to smoke in restaurants at all or in bars. That still leaves more than half the country where smokers can light up in restaurants but that is steadily changing. It is very common for restaurants that are part of big chains to ban smoking. If you want to go to listen to music you are likely going to find it open to smoking. This is in part because cigarette advertising dollars go a long way to making it cool to smoke at these kinds of locations. If you are going to listen to classical music this will likely not be the case but most places where modern music is played allow smoking. People who travel may find these tight places a problem since smoking is not always banned in trains or on buses. It is difficult to enforce on a train where there are so many people and staff that is not large enough to patrol the trains for smokers. Airplanes domestically are smoke free and so are many international flights. Airports are likely to have some smoking sections to allow their customers to unwind and prepare for their trips. Most hotels offer smoke free rooms. But there may still be smokers enjoying their cigarettes in other rooms in the hotel. The laws continue to clamp down on smokers making the country safer for those who do not smoke and choose not to be harmed by secondhand smoke. This trend is likely to continue. So, if you are looking for another reason to quit smoking perhaps being banned from the places you enjoy, the restaurants you want to eat at and the movie houses you want to watch at is enough of a reason to put down the cigarettes and start a smoke free life.

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These benefits are: Easier breathing More energy Better endurance More confidence More money to spend Clothing loses that awful smell Self-confidence and self-esteem return Exercise becomes easier Coughing subsides Eating habits improve because cigarettes used to replace healthy foods The sence of smell returns Your complexion may improve The heart muscle may feel more relaxed and more efficient You may experience less heartburn or indigestion You may also gain more respect for yourself Your vehicle and home will smell better Your teeth will start to look whiter Your thinking patterns should improve You won't experience guilt over exposing family, friends, loved ones and others to secondhand smoke anymore. It is important to discuss all options with your healthcare provider and to weight all facts, side effects and risks with your provider before deciding on a course of action.
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