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Reasons Why Smokers Want To Quit

Reasons Why Smokers Want To Quit Much of the time we hear of the health reasons why smokers should quit, but seldom do we pay attention to why smokers, themselves, feel the need to quit. It is interesting to get a smokers point of view. You would think that a habit such as puffing on a cigarette could only be done if it brought some pleasure. The truth for most smokers is that for them, smoking is an addiction. They don't smoke because it is seen as something glamorous to do, they don't smoke because someone pays them to do it. They smoke because for whatever reason, they got started smoking and then the nicotine takes hold, and it becomes very difficult to stop even if you want to. Most smokers will tell you that food just doesn't taste good when you smoke. The sense of smell can also be "off" because of smoking. People are always coming up to smokers and telling them they smell. Your teeth turn yellow or stained light brown from the tobacco. Smokers also experience difficulty while doing small physical tasks like walking up or down stairs. They become out of breath. Some smokers may bend to pressure to stop, but seldom succeed if they are not truly self-motivated to do so. Those who try to quit smoking because someone else wants them to, seldom succeed. The smoker must have a reason to quit that outweighs the pleasure received from the act of smoking and one that is stronger than the craving. Most smokers will also admit that it is also a huge incentive to let go of the bondage of nicotine. A very strong incentive to quit for most women especially is the damage that smoking does to the skin. Premature wrinkles are common in smokers. Stained teeth are also a major drawback to smoking. Anyone on a fixed income or low income will feel the pinch when it comes to supporting his or her smoking habit. Cigarettes are a luxury item and for anyone on a tight budget the money spent on supporting their habit could be better spent on more important items like food, gasoline or other necessities. Another reason some smokers give for quitting is the presence of second hand smoke. Parents especially are becoming more aware of the harm second hand smoke is doing to their children. Love is a strong motivator for change. The tide is beginning to turn and people are becoming more health conscience. It is becoming more fashionable to exercise, and to eat well balanced nutritious meals. Studies have even shown that smoking can have an adverse effect on fertility. So, for the majority of smokers the incentives to quit smoking are health, monetary, cosmetic, economic, or out of love for others effected by their smoking.

Stop Smoking Support

A spouse or significant other can help you to get through the withdrawal and encourage you to eat properly, get adequate rest and assure that you are getting all the good things you need to aid your body during this stressful time. Rely on your healthcare provider to know how to help you so that you can have the best shoot at overcoming all cravings. They can direct you to community support groups and better group information guides to community support groups. Dont be shy, they are people just like you.
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