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Reasons to Quit Smoking

Reasons to Quit Smoking Usually the reasons to quit smoking are personal but there are some that seem to be universal and some pretty darn good reasons to make that commitment to quit. Here is a list to help you with making your own list of reasons to quit smoking. Those who have smoked for more than 15 years can honestly say that they can "feel" several reasons to quit and they are all health related. They may include: Feeling a pressure or heaviness in your chest when you wake Having a consistent morning cough The absence of a once beautiful or rich singing voice Experiencing breathlessness when talking or reading out loud An unpleasant irritation in your mouth General fatigue Headaches Getting those cigarette hangovers from spending an all-nighter Knowing that if you want to exercise at all each day, it had better be in the morning before you inhale all that smoke. Sleep deprivation from hacking and coughing or waking with that tickle in your throat. The presence of smoke filled rooms can create a barrier that separates you from those you love. You being immersed in a feeling of self-hate or self-loathing. A complete loss of self-esteem. Feeling guilty for the physical damage you are doing to your body and the second hand smoke you are exposing others to. The fear that someday your children or others may have to care for you due to the ravishes you put your body through with your smoking. Feeling limited in where you can go publicly now that cigarettes are banned. This takes the enjoyment out of going out. To regain self-esteem and to feel good about life again. Health consequences that smoking exposes you to. Stop being addicted to nicotine Feel that you have received a reprieve from a death sentence To save money, cigarette packs are expensive. To like whom you see in the mirror To get rid of that awful smell on your clothes and in your home. The feelings of being weak and needy that goes along with nicotine dependency. Now that you have read this common list of reason why smokers should quit smoking, use this list to brainstorm some good reason for why you should quit smoking. Keep the list in a convenient place so that you can refer to it often especially during your first week of non-smoking. Your list of reasons to quit smoking should include both physical reasons and physiological reasons. Reasons to quit smoking can be personal and they can involve others and it can include the environment. You should use your list to inspire you and to help keep you on track. Carry your list around with you where ever you go and when another reason inspires you, write that down on your list too. The bigger your list the more committed you will feel to achieving your goal of quitting. Your mind has to be focused on all the reasons for quitting before your body will except the need to take action; action to stop smoking for good.

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These are available without a prescription and are usually found where you find pharmaceutical products at your local grocery or discount store. The emotional aspects of the smoking addiction also need to be addressed for the smoker to be successful in quitting. To address this issue, cognitive therapy is helpful. One way to help wean you off of the cigarettes is to buy brands that have less nicotine in them. This approach is called "nicotine fading".
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