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Quit Smoking Using Acupuncture

Quit Smoking Using Acupuncture When looking for alternatives to assist them in quitting smoking many people are turning to the ancient method of acupuncture. After trying more standard methods like the patch, nicotine gum, spray or inhaler, the frustrated smoker is looking at other ways to kick the habit. Acupuncture is not only one of the better alternatives it is one recognized by specialists as an addiction curber. It is actually a treatment method ordered by many courts when dealing with drug addiction. This is because, employed properly, acupuncture can be used to diminish withdrawal symptoms and make the cravings not as severe. These are only two of the things that an acupuncture treatment can offer those looking to quit smoking. To understand why it works it is necessary to understand a little about acupuncture itself. This ancient Chinese medicinal treatment is performed by highly trained professionals by inserting small very thin needles into certain points on the body, called meridians, which stimulate natural healing. It is not a miracle cure, but it does have fairly good results especially if it is mixed with good patient support and a smoker who feels strongly and confidently about quitting. The first step in treatment will be an extensive discussion with the acupuncturist about what the persons smoking habits have been. That will include things like how frequently they smoke, how many cigarettes in an average day and what influences their smoking habits. This last one is especially important since what events make a person smoke more, or less, help to understand more than just the physical aspects of their smoking. The acupuncturist will also do a physical examination, checking things like blood pressure and pulse rate, to make sure their potential patient is healthy enough to go through a program to stop smoking. When this examination is completed it will have helped to define the treatment program. The main things that the acupuncture will deal with are the irritability that smokers suffer from while going through the initial stages of withdrawal. As well it helps with the cravings and aids with relaxation. The decision on where to put the needles is dependent to a degree on the individual patient, but overall they will be in a few places on the body plus on the ears. There are common points to use. There are usually five points used on the ears. These points each have a purpose. One point helps to augment a persons will power while another works hard to relive the discomforts of the withdrawal itself. As well there is a point that helps to control food and cigarette cravings. This assists the patient in not overeating while they quit smoking. The last two points act to alleviate the stress and help keep the body in balance during the difficult time of quitting smoking. The body points act to rebalance the body and assist it with its rejection of smoking. Each treatment will last about a half an hour. Most people require at least four treatments.

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Reasons to Quit Smoking Usually the reasons to quit smoking are personal but there are some that seem to be universal and some pretty darn good reasons to make that commitment to quit. Here is a list to help you with making your own list of reasons to quit smoking. Those who have smoked for more than 15 years can honestly say that they can "feel" several reasons to quit and they are all health related. They may include: Feeling a pressure or heaviness in your chest when you wake Having a consistent morning cough The absence of a once beautiful or rich singing voice Experiencing breathlessness when talking or reading out loud An unpleasant irritation in your mouth General fatigue Headaches Getting those cigarette hangovers from spending an all-nighter Knowing that if you want to exercise at all each day, it had better be in the morning before you inhale all that smoke. Sleep deprivation from hacking and coughing or waking with that tickle in your throat. The presence of smoke filled rooms can create a barrier that separates you from those you love.
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