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Quit Smoking to Avoid Lung Cancer

Quit Smoking to Avoid Lung Cancer The fear of lung cancer alone should be enough to make anyone quit smoking. Consistently research points to the carcinogens in cigarette smoke as the main factor in causing lung cancer. Statistical reports prove that in the United States alone eighty percent of lung cancer cases can be traced back to cigarette smoking. If you smoke and you are a woman then you have an eleven and a half percent chance of developing lung cancer. If you are a man the chance is higher at just over seventeen percent. In those who are not smokers the risk factor for both genders is just a little over one percent. What most smokers do not understand is that cigarette smoke has more than sixty carcinogens, which have been found so far, that are inhaled with every cigarette smoked. That means that every puff you take on your cigarette, and the filter you use makes no difference worth thinking about, you are inhaling dangerous molecules of nitrosamine benzopyrene and radon decay sequence among the five dozen dangerous elements found. Nicotine itself suppresses the immune system and allows it to have a totally negative reaction to any malignant growth that begins. It actually allows the immune system to ignore a cancerous growth as it develops in our body. Different factors affect the person who has developed lung cancer. If they are still smoking at the time of diagnosis their prognosis is not nearly as good as those who have quit smoking or never smoked at all. If a person smokes and then quits then over a period of years the lungs will begin to repair themselves. The damage done and the bits of things that have contaminated the lungs slowly disappear and the lungs may become all but restored to their early condition. In the United States twenty five percent of the population smokes. Thirty two percent of men smoke while twenty seven percent of women do. One hundred and seventy thousand more people are diagnosed each year with lung cancer. Lung cancer is a scary disease and the survival rates, unless it is caught early, are not encouraging. Reports show that lung cancer is on the rise despite the many campaigns to curtail where people smoke. The number of deaths from it is more per year than all of those from prostate cancer, breast cancer and colorectal cancers. This cancer is most common in those over the cage of forty five. Too many cases of lung cancer in those who do not smoke have been traced to what is called second hand smoke or passive smoking. This simply means inhaling the cigarette smoke of those who smoke around you. This is an unfair side effect of those who smoke since it is most often a close family member of the smoker who develops cancer. Surely you as the smoker do not want that responsibility on your shoulders. If you will not quit for yourself perhaps you should think about quitting for your partner, children or parents. Is your smoking habit worth their lives?

How To Quite Smoking

Speak with all of your smoking buddies and explain to them about your plans to quit smoking and ask for their support. Do not be surprised if not all of them will be able to support you in your efforts to quit smoking. Let family, friends and co-workers know about your plan to quit smoking so that they can be supportive in your efforts.
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