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Quit Smoking In Only Six StepsSteps

Quit Smoking In Only Six Steps. There are several steps to follow when you want to quit smoking.

Each step will take you closer to your goal and are necessary to be able to succeed. Do not skip any of the described steps below.

Step One: Rid your home of any telltale signs that a smoker ever lived there. This includes throwing out all unused packs of cigarettes. Clean all fabric items to rid your home of the tobacco odor.

Get rid of or throw out all ashtrays, or anything that reminds you of smoking. Completely wash all clothes and bed linens so that there will be no lingering smell of smoke that may tempt you to light up.

Open windows to let in fresh air and spray air freshener. Do not leave any trace of tobacco smell anywhere.

Step Two: Quit smoking on a weekend if you work away from home, because the stress of the office is usually too much for those trying to quit smoking.

Inform all family member, friends and co-workers of your goal to quit smoking. Stay away from friends, family members and co-workers while they are smoking and excuse yourself when you are with them and they start to light up.

When you are trying to quit and you see someone light up, you will feel intense cravings and may not be able to resist.

Step Three:  Do not let anyone smoke in your home or vehicle. Your vehicle quarters are too small and the sight and smell will be too much of a temptation.

Any smoking that happens in your home will necessitate another through cleaning to again rid it of any evidence of cigarette smoking.   

Drugs To Quit Smoking

You can also use acupuncture, bupropion (Zyban or Wellbutrin), and hypnosis. The drug bupropion is marketed as Zyban, Wellbutrin SR and Wellbutrin XL by GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) and is a prescription-strength anti-depressant that is used to help people quit smoking by reducing their nicotine withdrawl symptoms.
Steps To Quit Smoking

Step Four: Make yourself an appointment at the dentist for a cleaning, so that your teeth will be really clean. This will also motivate you to keep them clean.

Chew gum or candy to help you work past the urge to smoke. Try to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages during the first month because the association between drinking and smoking is too great.

Avoid entertainment places where smoking is popular as this will likely be too tempting for you, especially in the beginning.

Step Five: Stay focused and motivated. Keep pictures around you of why you are quitting and when you feel a weak moment, get out your pictures.

Reward yourself with a reward for every milestone along the way. Make these rewards something that is fun and not related to smoking.

Celebrating every small victory will bring you closer to the real celebration when you know that you have successfully kicked the habit.

When you have reached your goal of being smoke free for X number of months then throw yourself a huge smoke free party.

Quick Facts About How To Quit Smoking.

What are you hiding? Most people that smoke are hiding something; stress, lack of self confidence, emotional issues. There's no need to hide them. The people around you love you regardless.

Step Six: Surround yourself with support from family and friends, community support groups and others who are quitting or whom have successfully gone smoke free.

Talking with others who truly understand your temptations can inspire you and give you strength.

When you undertake anything of this magnitude you really need a plan to follow; something that will be a map to help get you from point A to point B.

Steps such as the ones outlined can help you to think about the process in such a way that will help you to be prepared for any event that may pop up to derail you. Preparation is the key to success.


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