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Quit Smoking Because of all the Little Things That will come to mean so Much

Quit Smoking Because of all the Little Things That will come to mean so Much Those who have successfully quit will be the first to say that there are a lot of hidden benefits once you have cleared the addiction hurdle. Getting past those first few days is the toughest part of quitting. Once you have the first 3 days under your belt than you can start to actually feel better. Your body is already feeling the benefits of no new nicotine in your body. Your body will start to heal almost immediately and will continue to do so with each passing smoke free day. You will come to realize that food taste better than you remember and you can actually smell things that you have been missing as a smoker. Good smells not the stinky cigarette smell; the good smells of food cooking, or flowers, perfume, all the things that were masked by the strong odor of your cigarettes. You can look in the mirror and see whiter teeth instead of tobacco stained teeth, once you visit the dentist of course. You can feel good that you will no longer be exposing yourself to the over 4000 chemical compounds produced by burning tobacco like: acetone, arsenic, benzene, carbon monoxide, DDT, formaldehyde, hydrazine, hydrogen cyanide, nicotine, nitric oxide, pyrene, and vinyl chloride just to name a few. If you live in a climate that has cold weather at some time during the year you will receive the benefit of being able to breath in cold air without it bothering your lungs. You will have more energy upon waking because you will get a better and more restful sleep without the hacking cough of a smoker. You won't be as irritable as you were because you won't have the nicotine in your system. It will be a relief to know that when you are in social situations you won't have to fear someone smelling the foul-smelling smoke on your breath or on your clothes. You can get close to someone without being embarrassed. One ailment that may have mystified you while you were a smoker just might be enlightened as you find that your stomachaches may disappear. Smoking tends to irritate stomach acid. So smokers frequently suffer from stomach pains. Once you quit and the nicotine is completely out of your system you should see a decrease in these pains, and quite possibly a cessation all together. Smokers tend to have their lives centered on that next smoke. Now that you are smoke free, your life revolves around the activities that have more meaning to you. You may find other smaller but no less meaningful benefits from being smoke free. As difficult as those initial few days can be; quitting has far more benefits to you, your family, your workplace and your friends than you may be able to imagine until it happens. You will definitely feel more in control of your life once you have laid to rest the nicotine addiction. You will be more in control and able to plan your life around other things besides when to have your next smoke.

After You Quit Smoking

It is a personal place that a smoker arrives at when they make the realization that it is the right decision for them to quit. The decision may be influenced by health issues, or money concerns, or for appearances sake. Smoking does cause your skin to age prematurely and who wants wrinkles!
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