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Nicotine Gum Can Help Some Smokers Quit

Nicotine Gum Can Help Some Smokers Quit When deciding to stop smoking some people do nothing but make the decision to go cold turkey and that is all they need; their will power and the decision is made. Others who decide to quit smoking feel the need for a little help before they can move on to becoming a non-smoker. Chewing nicotine gum is one of those helpers that are chosen by many smokers. This is because it seems to be a relatively easy process to follow. The instructions are clearly on the package and if you want to clarify anything there is a website you can go to where the manufacturer of the nicotine gum will help to set up your program all online. The first thing to understand is that nicotine gum is not a replacement for cigarettes. It is a temporary substitute to be used in diminishing amounts to reduce the bodys reliance on nicotine. The smoker puts a piece of gum in their mouth when they feel the urge to smoke. It should be chewed slowly to get the best results, waiting until a peppery feeling occurs and then stopping. The gum is then tucked into the cheek. When the tingle has gone repeat the process for at least thirty minutes to be certain all the nicotine has been released into the body. During the first four weeks of the program the average smoker uses between ten and twelve pieces daily. Some require more while others will use less. Daily use should not exceed two dozen pieces. It is essential that you do not smoke while using nicotine gum. The gum works became it answers the bodys carving for nicotine. Otherwise the smoker who quits would go through a withdrawal process. Without nicotine the smokers body level of dopamine, certain hormones and adrenaline all drop. The body wants them back up and sends a carving message to the brain. This message is in turn answered by the gum. As the process continues the smoker lowers the number of pieces of gum that they need, and the frequency, until they are not chewing any. There are two sizes of nicotine gum. One has two milligrams of nicotine while the other has four milligrams. The problem is that the larger dose is potentially addictive itself and so unless your health care provider suggests using it, which would be for very heavy smokers only, it is best to use the lighter dose. Over time the manufactures of nicotine gum marketed it in four different flavors. They have made it taste less like a treatment and more like flavored gum. It can be found in fruit, mint, fresh mint or its original flavor. These other flavors have increased the popularity of this smoking cure. It is important to remember that the whole point of chewing the nicotine gum is to release the nicotine into the body. This is done primarily through the tongue. It is important not to eat or drink anything fifteen minutes before or after chewing the gum so as not to affect the absorption.

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A father of an asthmatic son may need to hear his son wheezing and watch him reach for his inhaler to serve as a reminder that he needs to make his home smoke free. Having gone cold turkey without a plan does not mean that you need to continue without one. You can device a plan anytime and can enlist the help of family and friends anytime.
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