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More Reasons to Quit Smoking

More Reasons to Quit Smoking For those people who procrastinate because they are uncertain if there are enough reasons for them to stop smoking perhaps they should look again. It does not take much to add up why smoking is not a good thing to do. There are the obvious ones like the health risks, the bad smell of stale cigarette smoke in your hair and the yellow teeth and hands, but there are many more reasons to quick than just those. How about the money issues? How much can you save if you are no longer a smoking? For someone who smokes only ten cigarettes daily the savings is two thousand dollars a year. Think what that adds up to over a lifetime and what better things you could do with that amount of money. You could buy a new wardrobe, go on a cruise or buy that chest freezer you always wanted. You could put it into a savings account and see how much the yearly amount you would spend smoking would add up to by the time you were ready to retire. Quitting smoking will put money back in your packet. Quitting smoking will also make you feel less ostracized in public. At one time smoking was cool. If you smoked you fit in easier, you were part of the cool crowd and others respected you because of the cigarette you held in your hand. It is not like that anymore. No longer can you smoke anywhere you want, not even in restaurants you used to be able to, not in the place you work or the places you shop. When you want to smoke many people will frown at you and make it clear you need to move away from them until you are done. Stop smoking and you will become cool all over again. More people will respect you and want to spend time with you. There are things to do with your driving habits that will change for the better. You wont spend so much time having to find places to buy cigarettes. When you are on a driving trip the only reasons you will have to leave the highway are to use the bathroom or fill up the car with gas. Your car wont stink, there will be no more holes in the upholstery or burn marks where ash fell while you were smoking and driving. What about if you want to fly somewhere? You cant smoke on airplanes anymore. That means the potential of hours of nicotine withdrawal, depending on where you are flying to, can you do it? There are of course the obvious health advantages, no more wheezing, and the ability to do more physical activity and live a longer life. If you quit you have a better chance of living to see your grandchildren and have the energy to enjoy playing with them and let them enjoy you. That is one of lifes great pleasures. Put all the reasons together and look at what you will do for yourself and those you care about, no more second hand smoke for them, if you quit smoking.

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These are available without a prescription and are usually found where you find pharmaceutical products at your local grocery or discount store. The emotional aspects of the smoking addiction also need to be addressed for the smoker to be successful in quitting. To address this issue, cognitive therapy is helpful. One way to help wean you off of the cigarettes is to buy brands that have less nicotine in them. This approach is called "nicotine fading".
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